Fish Tank 55
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

How do you think it went at Budoukan this year?
A lot of people came right? More than last year?

We had more seats available than usual.
I could tell from the stage that there were more people but I didn't know why. I wondered if it was because I was in a different position than usual on stage, it felt like there were more people than in an arena.

How did you find the live itself?
Hmm...complicated. Some songs came out great and others not so great I guess. But that's what happens when you combine new and old songs together....

Did you consult the requests from fans when deciding on the set list?
Yeah, like we thought 'Misty Zone' would be fun to do. And our manager said he hadn't heard 'Misty Zone' either. I think we only played it during 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' right? We performed it at Seibu Stadium and Container Yard. Back in 91 I think?

1990. Not since then?
I don't think so.

That's amazing. Did you have problems with any of the songs during rehearsals since you were mixing the old with the new?
With 'Misty Zone'...and 'Barairo no Hibi'. What song was that paired with again?

'21st Cherry Boy'.
Really? Well anyway basically we only played that song during the tour of that time you know. But not since.

I heard from a lot of people that they really enjoyed the live this time but how was it for you Yagami-san?
I talked about this with Yuuta but our 2009 tour was kind of like peeling off a mask for us you know. So if you compare it with previous tours there's no real gap between the good days and the bad days, tone wise. It's like...we've finally got it, as an ensemble band. I wonder if that's how the others feel too?

This year you only had one DiQ show.
Because we just had a tour, that's why. We wanted to have a different set list from the tour too since the mood is different, the DiQ has more of best hits feel to it. So you can't really compare a show like that with a regular show from a tour. Because they're different. But I just felt a little off personally because of my ear monitor. During the regular tour I used my wooden drum set but because of the lights that would be hitting the drums at Budoukan I used my clear Amber Vista Light set. It had been a long time since I used my acrylic drums. But I used those in the end because they have the best sound for Budoukan, the sound is like BAM~! So I couldn't really hear anyone else *smiles*. So that's how it was for the entire main set but then for the encore they adjusted my earpiece accordingly.

After the show, you had quite a lot of friends at the after party.
Yes, yes. It was exciting, because it ended up doubling as an end of the year party as well. My great sempai and teacher Takahashi Makoto-san was there and D'erlanger's Tetsu-kun came to see me too along with everyone. And then even after the after party I went out with Makoto-san, Genet-san and MAGUMI-kun.

Everyone must have been rather drunk after all that....
Yeah, we were *smiles*. As you can imagine *smiles*.

So how did you ring in 2010?
I returned to my parent's house for three nights to avoid all the people and went drinking with former classmates from junior high. That's when I first formed a band you know, in junior high.

And were your old classmates typical old men now?
Yes, yes, it was like an alumni meeting when we all got together and for a moment I felt like I was in junior high again you know? After that I went to karaoke and a store that sells drums. That's where back in the day the rest of the band would sing while I'd play the drums.

I see you indulged in old memories~. Sounds like fun.

It's been about a month now since Budoukan so what's going on? Have the two of you from the rhythm section talked about doing anything in particular or no?
We haven't done it yet but we talked about going to the gym together.

You guys are such good brothers. I can just see you guys watching out for each other...making sure the other sibling doesn't injure himself. Oh that reminds me, speaking of injuries what do you think of what happened to Imai-san....?
Well really I'm kind of used to everyone having accidents of some kind *smiles* since that's just a part of life so it's ok. Really. A lot of things happen when you've been doing this as long as we have.

The single you finished recording last year is set to come out March 24th.
Yeah, once again Hide wrote an interesting song by doing things in his way.

How did recording go?
It was completely smooth. We recorded it sometime in the summer right? And since it was only two songs, it was easy.

This time you're releasing figurines as well....
Yes, I was like hey which of us is supposed to be the main guy?! *smiles* It's fun isn't it, how much they look like us *smiles* I mean I'd buy it! Ha-ha-ha!! If you're wondering why it's because I actually love figurines *smiles*. And that's not even that expensive for a limited edition one!

I think fans will be anxious to know about what you guys will be doing from now on so....
When it's time for us to come before you all again we will be Buck-Tick as always and we'll give you a good performance *smiles*. And once more we will do it with deep feeling. Hey write the 'deep' kanji for what I just said! *smiles* (1)

(1) Play on words here with 'shinka'. Which can mean either 'evolution' or 'deepening' depending on the first kanji used for the 'shin' syllable. But saying that once again Buck-Tick will evolve would have also made sense which is why Toll had to specify.