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Boz Scaggs
-[Boz Scaggs & Band] released in 1971.
-[Silk Degrees] released in 1976.
-[Down two then left] released in 1977.
-[Middle Man] released in 1980.

How did you first get to hear him?
In the 70s...around 1976 I guess. Boz Scaggs is a solo singer. The first song I heard was his most famous song from the album [Silk Degrees] called 'We're all alone'. I think that was his biggest hit. I actually heard it when it came out. And that was entirely thanks to my older brother. This album came out in 1976 so...I was about second year of high school. Of course my brother listened to Boz Scaggs and he thought he had nothing but good songs. Most of the music I listen to is because of my older brother. After he died, I came to listen to Boz Scaggs myself. But even before that, what my brother listened to influenced me greatly.

What are some memories associated with his music or why is it so close to your heart?
My first impression when I listened to Boz Scaggs was that he played adult music or what they call adult rock *smiles*. Adult Rock or AOR as they call it, which stands for Adult Oriented Rock(1). The people in his backup band later became the group known as TOTO. I think everyone knows Boz Scaggs's songs when they hear them. Dressed as he is here in this suit, he gives off a very mature vibe but he was actually a hippy from San Francisco *smiles*. This album here, [Boz Scaggs & Band], I bought while recording in London with Buck-Tick. I loved listening to these songs when I was a teenager, just letting them play in the car you know *smiles*. The songs were used in commercials too and even in the movie 'Urban Cowboy'.
He's still around today making music. I'm not sure how many years it's been now...but he came here, to NHK hall or something I think. Ahh how many years ago was that? Maybe it was in 1991? Anyway, I went to see him when he came to Japan. It was the most amazing show I'd ever been to, he totally eclipsed every live I'd been to before that. Can you imagine that? He actually made me forget everything else *smiles*. But it was the same when I listened to his records. When I saw him live it was like, "Is this for real?!" *smiles*. He made everything else fade away during his live. That was the first show I'd been to that was like that. What I liked about him too was that he was comfortable on stage, he was good at what he did you know. When you listen to him, you'll understand. He gives his listeners rock to chill out to.

(1)Adult Oriented Rock is a style that developed in the 70s. It was considered to be a more sophisticated style of rock that rejected the standard 3 minute pop song in favor of more fully developed music.