Fish Tank 55
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

How did you find The Day in Question show at the end of the year went?
Right, well as with every other year we closed with a DiQ to wrap things up and I think it went well. This time we toured in halls and in small live houses and since the whole theme of the year had been 'memento mori' we were a bit worried about the set list for Budoukan.

Did you request any songs Yuuta-san?
No, I didn't but as everyone was choosing songs I kept thinking 'oh that's good!'.

And how did the live itself go?
I'd say it all flowed well. During rehearsals I wasn't so sure if things would come together because we had so many medium tempo songs. But actually they all flowed together beautifully during the live.

What about the performance side?
Since there was a few things going on with the lights that would add to the show I wondered how it would go you know. Like with the snow and the stars.

Were you able to see the stars?
I couldn't *smiles*. But I saw it after when we were reviewing the taping of it.

Then right after Budoukan it was New Year's so even though I ask this every year, what did you do for New Year's?
I didn't do any~thing. It's almost laughable really *smiles*. That I actually thought I'd return to Gunma.

What! You haven't gone back yet? I thought you told me not that long ago that you were going.
Yeah well, I was laaaaaaaa~zy.

What did you do for your birthday this January?
Hahah, well Kimura Seizi-kun threw a birthday party for me.

Did a lot of your friends come?
Yes. Oh! I'd like to thank all the fans for sending me so many presents. ...surprisingly though no one got me a Korilakkuma(1) so I was sad you know, hahah.

In the time between the DiQ and the release the single in March, you guys filmed the PV for 'Dokudanjou Beauty'.
I think it was pretty good timing because there was nothing unexpected going on.

Speaking of the PV, Imai-san said that while you were waiting in the green room during the filming of 'Dokudanjou Beauty', you and Yagami-san were constantly playing 'Misty Zone' and when Imai-san heard the different things you were doing, he was inspired for the arrangement.
Oh really, is that so? When it was decided we'd do that song, we were a bit worried since it's old. We wanted to make the tempo of the song fit with what we're doing currently so we discussed if maybe it'd be better if we dropped the tempo down a little more and agreed that it also depends when we'll play the song during the show.

Imai-san said that during the whole filming of the 'Dokudanjou Beauty' PV you guys were playing 'Misty Zone' in the green room.
I think the new rhythm is good you know *smiles*, it's what I'd expect from Imai-san.

Even though it's an older song, he made it sound current....
Yeah, but since we've completely moved away from our old image there's no way we could play it as it was originally so I'm glad we were able to make it blend smoothly with what we're doing now.

How did you find the filming of the PV went?
It was so tiring...hahah.... I never got a break. When we were filming our close-ups, I ended up being completely blocked by all the other members *smiles* so they were always telling me that ok, we can do it again. Then they thought it'd be ok if they filmed from Anii's position so they told me to go there. But after when we were reviewing the film I was completely blocked by the cymbal! *smiles* Anyway it was good even though you can't see me in it *bursts out laughing loudly*.

On the other hand, Imai-san finished his shots quickly and after said, "What?! I'm already done?" *smiles*.
Well, I thought I'd be done quickly too. That's why I wasn't feeling discouraged when I kept having to do more!

And how do you find the completed PV?
Mm, it's interesting isn't it. Even the way it was filmed too.

I thought people would be able to hear the new song at the Budoukan show....
Yeah, I was thinking whether we should too.... I'm sure it would have been good if we had done it but...I'm glad things turned out as they did.

Were you aware of the price of the ultra limited edition of the single?
Yeah I know right, it's like 10 000 yen.....ahahah.

And about the process of making the figurines....
They said they'd make mine tiny for me, so I said why can't I be the same height as Hide? To which they said, well that's not how it is *smiles*. They seemed to think it was good that I was half the size of the others. But you know why should my figurine be the only one that's like the size of a thing you hang on a cell phone strap? I mean come on! *bursts out laughing*

Hearing of Imai-san's injury, you must have been worried about the band's plans for this year.
Our manager told me and so I emailed Imai-kun right away to ask if he was ok. But when you've been in a band this long, you know all sorts of things can happen right. So I didn't panic or anything, I just wanted him to take his time to heal. That's the most important thing. Panicking wouldn't really do much good anyway.

Finally would you say something for everyone awaiting what is to come this year.
Right, well the single's out and even though I know everyone's excited wondering what we'll do next, you'll just have to wait. We'll let you know what's happening as soon as we can!

(1)Korilakkuma is a San-X character who is a small child-like white bear. Korilakkuma is a bit of prankster who often gets told off for being lazy.