Fish Tank 56
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

Today we're conducting the interview in the studio so, what's the situation now?
Today we're recording the rhythm for the next single.

Whose song is it?
Today we're working on Imai's.

Then why are you here Hide-san...?
Ah, me? *smiles* Because it was decided that we'll be doing the rhythm for my song next. And I have to check the guitar parts and go to a meeting among other things as well.

That's all for recording the single though right? How's the album production coming along?
We'll get to the album soon after this. First we've got the single though. There's still some loose ends we have to tie up with that.

In the previous issue you said you were composing for the album.
Yes. It was after I said that that those loose ends came to light so the single took priority.

The single is linked to an anime.
'Shiki'. I've read the manga.

So you had a chance to read the story then?
Yes, yes. I have up to the sixth volume, it was interesting to read.

For those who aren't familiar with the story, what sort of manga would you say it is?
I think it's horror right? Well not the gory kind, more like Dracula....

Seeing as one of your songs is the b-side for the single, did you consider the images in 'Shiki' while you were composing?
Yes, but just as more of a guideline.

What sort of things were you conscious of when composing?
As I said I read the manga and then there was a song that I had written a while ago, I had the melody and chords figured out and I thought perhaps if I rearranged it, it would fit with the images in the manga.

And after all that it will be ready for printing but today, the rhythm section is being recorded for Imai-san's song....
And if that goes well we can do the rhythm for mine as well. Well provided things go swiftly today. And if so then tomorrow I can put in the guitar parts....

How do you feel about jumping straight into album recording after that?
Well. It will be more or less the same as now. We're just doing the songs for the single first.

We announced the tour that begins in October in this issue.
Yeah, ok.

It's an album tour right???
Seems like it. The plan is to have the album out for the tour.

And how are things in regards to composing for the album...?
I've already started. Because once the single is done we'll be going straight into album recording.

It feels strange to me announcing an album tour when you haven't even begun recording that album yet. It seems like usually you already have a little bit of the album done before.
Oh yeah? I guess so. I mean if you say so....

So you don't feel overly rushed with such a tight schedule?
No more than usual right now.

Did you view the cherry blossoms this year Hide-san?
I did, I did. I went with some neighborhood friends.

Last time you met up with various artists for the hanami.
Ah, it wasn't like that this time. It was a relatively small group of friends because a lot of people were busy around that time.

Other than that, what have you been up to? Have you gone to see any movies or lives?
I went to see Cirque du Soleil a while ago.

Was that actually this year?
Hm~ maybe right at the very beginning?

Could you talk about something a little more recent please *smiles*.
Ah ok...something recent huh...*smiles*. .........*after brooding over it for some time* .......did I actually do anything?

I just thought I'd ask since when I read Imai-san's blog he mentioned going to the movies, to a play, viewing the cherry blossoms and several other things so I was wondering what you other guys have been up to.
Uh~~m sorry to disappoint you but I didn't really go out.

Previously you guys have had lives on your birthdays but recently that hasn't happened so often. Last year there was a surprise for Imai-san the night before his birthday at the live in Niigata.
Well sometimes these things happen during a tour.

What do you think you'll be doing when this issue comes out in June?
Well, since we'll be recording from the end of May, I imagine I'll be busy.

How far along do you think you'll be with composing by then, percentage wise?
Maybe, about 20% out of the whole? *smiles*

The single will be out a little before that by then.
Yeah. I think it will go well with the anime in many ways.

Would you say a word for all the fans awaiting it.
Sure...since we don't really have any lives coming up. ...I feel like I'm being neglectful *smiles*. Well, since we're working on an album again, please just wait a little longer.