Fish Tank 56
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

It was decided that the new song will be used as the opening for the anime 'Shiki' but did you read the actual manga?
I've read the ones that have come out up till now.

Did you know about the manga before this?
No, I didn't but...I did know about the original work it was based on that came out before....

It was originally a novel wasn't it?
Yes, a novel called 'Shiki'. It's quite long actually, and thick. I didn't buy it when it came out but I noticed it.

So you've heard of the author then?
Yes, she writes horror stories...I happened to catch an episode of another anime adapted from her work, 'Juuni Kokuki'(1) and thought it seemed interesting. I do have comics by Fujisaki Ryu though like 'Houshin Engi' (2). Anyway I felt surprisingly happy when I heard we'd be doing the song for the anime.

Did you write the song with the image of the anime in mind?
Well, roughly. Initially because I knew the title of the anime was 'Shiki' and that it was a horror series, I didn't really want to give it a lilting melody. I thought I'd do something low tempo you know but then I was asked to please write something upbeat *smiles*. Because well they thought it would be interesting if that's the image I created.

What sort of things did you think about while writing the song?
I read the manga...since it involves vampires I thought it should have a night feel to unending night...or something like that I guess. But well the song is...mostly defined by the lyrics.... Have you interviewed Acchan already? Did he say it the lyrics were hard to write?

Not really....
See the thing with the music is, it's just sound right? So I can be blunt and say 'I did it like this'. But because the lyrics are really what define the image I wasn't sure what sort of lyrics would be good...but then when I saw the lyrics Acchan wrote I thought, 'Ah yes, this is perfect'. They're really good you know.

It's not often that you say lyrics written for something else are good.
Other people have to be able to link the words to the anime too right? So because of that I was wondering what would work and then I saw Acchan's and knew 'Aha~ this is it~!'.

The other day when you were recording, you were quick to put up photos of it on your blog.
Oh right, that. The pictures of Yuuta and Hide.

Please don't post spoilers of things I thought I'd put in the FT issue!!
Oh, yeah. The picture was in color too *smiles*.

How can you say that!
Now now, calm down *smiles*.

In the last issue you were rather pathetic with your injured hand Imai-san but how has your hand been since then?
Well, it's healed. I've made a complete recovery.

You did an interview with Yokoyama-san in your corner for this issue but the demo wasn't completed at that point was it?
Two songs were finished. And I really just finished those two songs about ten minutes prior to the interview.

I see. So have you decided on a concept and theme for the album then?
Basically it will have a band sound but...with some noise twined through it...some looping thrown in as well, like rhythm loops and some electronic sounds too, but it will be simple. I think the feel of it will be different once again, like with [Tenshi no Revolver] and [memento mori]. And I dunno......ugh, once again when I put it in words it comes out sounding weird *smiles*.

I know you haven't recorded the album yet but the tour has been announced in this issue so how do you feel about that...?
It starts in October right?

I see...*smiles wryly*. But... is it really ok to announce something so far ahead? I wonder *smiles*.

Are you still working on songs all through the night even now?
Previously I did write songs at night but recently it's been the complete opposite, and I've been working all morning from the moment I get up to...ah...about 8pm. Because it becomes hard for me to concentrate if I work more than 6~7 hours at a time. It's like if I just keep going then the music starts to seem strange to me so I stop, I eat, and then after I make little modifications here and there until late at night. So that's completely different from how I worked before.

What movies have you gone to see lately?
I don't know. Huh? What did I go see? Uh? What did I go see again?

What, you forgot?
*smiles* Wait, wait hold on...ah, that's it, I went to see 'Shutter Island'. If you can't figure out the mystery then you can't leave the island.... I thought it was pretty typical.

So there weren't really any movies that interested you personally?
No I was interested in it but I think I looked forward to it too much.... It was the same for the movie 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'....... I absolutely loved the world in it but then as I was turned out to be typical *smiles*.

What will you be doing when this issue comes out at the end of June?
I'll be recording won't I? That's probably what everyone said *smiles*. Well I'll be recording too! Like everyone else *smiles*.

Please say a word to all the fans who are looking forward to your work.
Um...well I'm creating some... wonderful and cool music so...please continue to look forward to it.

Notes: (1)Translated as 'The Twelve Kingdoms'. The original author of 'The Twelve Kingdoms' and 'Shiki' (literally this translates as 'Corpse Demon') is Fuyumi Ono. Both these works have been adapted into anime. The manga adaption of 'Shiki' is realized by the artist Fujisaki Ryu.
(2)Translated as 'Soul Hunter'. This story was inspired by an ancient Chinese novel and revolves around Chinese history and mythology.