Fish Tank 56
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

The other day you recorded a single meant for an anime.
Yeah. I was aware it was going to be used for an anime when I wrote the lyrics.

Have you read the manga 'Shiki'?
Yeah, I read them all as they came out.

Since you read the manga, did you write the lyrics with the image of the manga in mind?
Well really I thought I would write lyrics that would truly fit the story 100%.

How did the actual lyric writing go? Smoothly?
I think combining...our music...together with the world view presented by the story within 'Shiki' will make the animation even better. So, that made it worth doing in my mind.

It's not often you write songs like this is it?
I was commissioned to write a song like this once before, 'Kagerou-kagerou'....

But it's not often that the image is one that you are so comfortable with.
There certainly is a...twisted element to it that suits me, yes *smiles*. But, finally at this age, at this age I've begun to understand that whether it's one person or many, it's good if they get the chance to hear our music, no matter how that happens. The important thing is that they get the chance to know us. I understand that a little better now *smiles*.

People have come to know Buck-Tick in a variety of ways now, that makes you happy I'm sure.
Yes. One way is better than not knowing us at all.

How do you feel things are going currently? Are you in the middle of writing lyrics for the album?
So far I've received a demo tape with 3 or 4 songs on it so I'm working on the lyrics for those. But, I haven't really seen the whole album it kind of feels like I can't really work on it on my own you know.

Because you don't know which direction to go in...right?
Right, so I told Imai that as well, that I think it would be better of course if we all got together as a band and discussed it over drinks.

We've announced the tour in this issue as well.
How many shows are we doing again? *counts the number of shows while looking at the schedule* Oh are we doing 25~ *smiles*? Well, that's ok, we can do 25.

Doesn't having the tour schedule announced before the album is recorded make you feel rushed?
I already am feeling rushed but there's nothing I can do about that.

On March 26th you were a guest performer for Nishikawa Takanori's band abingdon boys school but how did that come about?
They invited me to perform with them even before that, saying they'd be happy if we could but regrettably I had to decline due to scheduling conflicts so...then, they never gave up asking though...not even once *smiles* and finally this time I could accept their invitation. In Makuhari, Chiba.

It was a secret performance right?
So I...wasn't sure how confident I'd be. The staff was so great, they did so much for me. But I didn't know how my performance would be received.

And how was it, going out in front of the unsuspecting fans?
They all gave me such a warm welcome, I was grateful. It felt great hearing them cheer for me. And you know Nishikawa-kun took such great care of me, fussing over me...notwithstanding the fact that he told me I smelled like alcohol....

*smiles* He pegged you didn't he.
Yeah. But I didn't drink during the actual show so that I could perform properly. Nishikawa-kun really did take amazing care of felt like thanks to that, I just had to perform.

How were you greeted by him once the show was over?
Well, I rushed straight home. Ha ha ha ha ha!! Ah well no...he thanked me and told me he was happy to share the stage with me, so I was pleased. I'm grateful to Nishikawa-kun.

Have you peeked at Imai-san's blog?
Nooo, not at all.

How typical of you *smiles*.
I mean, I just don't have a burning interest to do so *smiles*. And I still don't get what a blog is.

To put it very simply, it's like a diary of sorts.
But what's the point of it being a diary when you show the content to any large number of people you don't know? Huh?

*smiles bitterly* .... Fine *smiles*. So what are your plans from here on?
After this, recording. I really have to be able to understand it for myself first before I'm fully able to make sense of it and I can't do that if I don't concentrate.

And what will you be doing in June when this issue comes out...?
I'll be melting away. Ha ha ha!! Since it'll be so damp and humid then~.

Please say something for everyone awaiting the album and the tour.
I'm creating something so that we'll have fun again during the live!!