Fish Tank 56
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

The other day you were recording a single but is the recording already finished?

What was your impression of it when you first heard the demo?
Imai brought me a few songs, two I think? So I listened to them and there was one song I thought was pretty good.

And in the end that song....
Mm. Everyone thought it was good, that's why it was decided we'd use it at one of our meetings.

But how did the recording go?
Well, pretty smoothly. I recorded the drums for both songs in one day.

But all of Imai-san's songs are close to being finished. Do you find the single suits the image of the manga?
Well it was made to right? But I do wonder what the author will think of it.

What's the current situation like?
Well next up is the album recording so I'm rehearsing for that.

So in the interval between the recording of the single and the recording of the album, you'll be rehearsing?
Of course. I'm practicing the next songs I'll be recording.

Are you practicing with Yuuta-san?
Yes, yes, actually I even practiced with him yesterday.

In the previous interview you said that you were going to the gym....
I just got back from the gym too. Went with Yuuta! *smiles*

Oh so you still go regularly?
Well it's sort of pointless to go on a day when I'm rehearsing. So since yesterday I was rehearsing, today I went to the gym.

What do you think you'll be doing when this issue comes out?
I think I'll be recording. We've only recorded the two songs for the single so far so there should be at least another ten to record. So I'll probably still be recording when this issue comes out.

How are the songs you heard from the demo for the album?
As of now, Hide has two.

Do Hide-san's songs feel melodious to you?
Well~ I'd say Hide's songs are a little different this time you know. Hmm...they have a Pop feel, kind of, ah it's hard to explain, the melody changes around quite a bit. What I mean by that is, it feels like an obstacle course for your brain! *bursts out laughing* I mean we've had songs with melody changes in them before now but, I'd say it's a lot more complicated this time.

Have you been practicing those songs?
Yes, that's what I've been doing.

Have you heard Imai-san's demo for the album yet?
At one point I thought he was done with it but then I had to give it back to him because he wanted to fix a song again. I think he wanted to change one of the arrangements a little.

When I read Imai-san's blog, it seems he went to the hanami but did you go as well Yagami-san?
No, I didn't see the blossoms at all.

So what were March and April like for you?
I'm not sure, what did I do? Well I went to the gym.

Did you go to any friend's lives? Or go see any movies?
Yeah I went to some lives. Other than that...I don't really remember *smiles*.

Do you think you can tell what direction the album is going in?'s hard to say, since we're still in the early stages of it. I mean we've only just finished recording the songs for the singles. I can't really see the whole picture yet.

What are your plans henceforth?
Well it's always the same right, rehearse then record, rehearse then record. Over and over.

Since you've started going to the gym, have you noticed any changes?
Physically I feel great! It even feels easier playing the drums.

That's really great.
Feels like I'm in my 30s again *smiles*. But I don't think I can go as far back as my 20s though *smiles*.

I look forward to seeing an invigorated Yagami-san on the tour then, like when you were in your 30s.
I feel like I'm 17 *smiles*.

Since all the fans are just waiting right now, would you please say a message for them?
Sure, well right now we're just rehearsing and recording and after that, Yuuta and I will be heading down to the gym! *smiles* Which reminds me, the other day when I was returning home from the gym I met a guy who is a fan. He was like, "Hey Yagami-san!" *smiles*. We shook hands.

Really *smiles*. Do you usually get recognized?
No~ I hardly ever get noticed but those who do, really do. He told me he recognized me by how I walked *smiles*. I guess I have a distinctive walk don't I? *smiles*

That you do *smiles*. But how about a message for all the fans who can't meet you Yagami-san?
Recording's going well and I feel great too!