Fish Tank 56
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

You're in the studio today as you have been for awhile now but you're recording the single right?
Yes. And we had a meeting as well today.

It's been decided that the single will be used for an anime but have you read the original manga?
Yup. Because it was given to me.

And? What was your impression of it?
Well...I wondered what we'd do, to keep with the story.

Both Imai-san and Hide-san wrote songs with the manga in mind but what was your impression of the demo when you first heard it?
I felt they both brought something good to the songs. Um...without being the same in feeling. I thought they were both gripping in a way which is good.

Were you deciding which song to use during the meeting?
We told them we thought these songs would be good. And then asked them to listen to them.

How did the rhythm recording go the other day?
Right well, I had a decent amount of time this time around so I even got quite a bit of rehearsal in. Because of that the recording didn't take too long.

And after this you'll begin recording for the album right?
I'll have to rehearse too, as new songs come in.

We announced the album tour in this issue but since you haven't begun recording yet aren't you feeling a bit rushed?
No, not really. I feel like...of course we'll make something good you know. Then, once the songs really start steadily progressing I'll be able to see more what sort of songs they are.

How many songs are in progress?
Hide's got a number of songs that are coming along so since his will likely be done first, his will be the first I hear.

Did you discuss what sort of album it would be during the meeting?
Not yet *smiles*. Because we have to finish the single first.

You have another meeting about the single tomorrow too.
Yeah, about the CD jacket. We requested that the same designer who did the cover for [Juusankai ha gekkou], Akita-san, do the jacket for the single. We thought he'd think of something good once again for us.

In the previous issue you said that you and Yagami-san started going to the gym but are you still going now?
I am~! I've been so dedicated to going! But gradually because now I have things like rehearsals to go to I can't go as often sadly.

Do you still go with Yagami-san?
Yup. I do.

Before you started recording the single, did you go out anywhere?
Not at all. Just drank with friends but that's about it *smiles*. I went to Gunma for a day to attend to some business but, it was just for the day.

This was a little while ago but you were the guest performer at a tribute for Okuno Atsushi-san.
Right, right. Yeah.

So how did that come about?
Originally...the former bassist of ROGUE Nishiyama-san and I were hanging out together and Okuno-san was all pumped saying how he'd like to return to the stage. Spurred on by that conversation we began talking more and more about the details. Next time we talked we were with a number of ROGUE's members. Okuno-san wanted to do something with me too. At first he asked if I'd do a Wild Wise Apes song with him. But as you can imagine, I couldn't do that because I can't sing. But it sounded like so much fun that when I said I'd like to participate they asked if I'd play the bass for one of ROGUE's songs.

But your performance was a secret....?
Well you can say that but it was only a secret because it was all very last minute. The live was fun though.

What did the members of ROGUE tell you once it was over?
At the after party, they said they'd like to do more shows like that. ...I shouldn't make Okuno-san impatient though by asking when. I mean he was just happy to sing one song in front of an audience...until then. Nishiyama-san was the same but now that they've gotten a taste of it, I guess they want more.

What about your upcoming plans? Please tell us what you'll be doing when this issue comes out at the end of June.
We'll be filming the PV for the single...and doing a photo shoot for the CD jacket...and after that we'll get into album recording so I'll probably be getting more and more busy.

Please say a word for the fans.
We...sort of got off to a bit of a late start *smiles*. But since things are going smoothly now, we'll make a good album that everyone's gonna want to listen to and it will make them want to hurry up and come to our lives so please look forward to that! Oh yeah!! And thank you for the Korilakkuma! I got a ton so thank you so much! My house looks like a UFO catcher now *smiles*. But I feel like I whined at everyone so...sorry about that. I'll reflect a little more before I speak from now on *smiles*. Thanks again!