FT57: Q1


You're living on your own. Worried about your health, your mom sent you a care package. So, what's inside?

A. A hot water bottle
B. Some medicine or maybe a first aid kit
C. Hot Lemon/ginger tea
D. A box filled with vegetables

Sakurai: D    Imai: D    Hoshino: D    Higuchi: B    Yagami: B    Yokoyama: D


This test will tell us the color of your aura.

A. If you chose 'a hot water bottle'......Your aura is green: the color of pacifism, a color that attracts love. Your spirit is calm and very peaceful. The color that you need right now is red.

B. If you chose 'a first aid kit'......Your aura is red: within that color is life. You seem hot-blooded, in a constant fevered state. But red is also the color of life. The color you need right now is green.

Yagami: Actually, I just received some medicine from mom.
FT: And of course Yuuta-san also chose B, you're brothers.

C. If you chose 'Hot Lemon'......Your aura is blue: the color of calm and composure. Your self-control as well as the fact that you stick to logic in all your proceedings are indicative of just how self-reliant you are. The color you need right now is orange.

D. If you chose 'a box filled with vegetables'......Your aura is brown: the color of the open earth. It's the spirit of gentleness, like the embrace of the broad earth. However, what you need is to be watered with the energy present in the green of life and in the blue of water.

Hoshino: Um? So what should I do in the end? How am I to add the blue and green in?
FT: I'm not quite sure...? *laughs*

Sakurai: Uh-huh. So you're telling me to get more green, even though I was sent blue and green in the form of vegetables. Hahhahha!!!

FT57: Q2


You're a prince. Having learned that Snow White was given a poisoned apple you rush to her, only to find her in perfect health. Why would that be?

A. You got there just in time!
B. The witch forgot to poison the apple
C. Snow White knew the apple was poisoned and didn't eat it
D. Someone else got to her first

Imai&Yokoyama: And the answer is...3!
FT: Incredible, everyone present here answered the same.

Sakurai: C    Imai: C    Hoshino: C    Higuchi: C    Yagami: C    Yokoyama: C


It's in a time of hardship that your true nature comes out, and that is precisely what this test will show us! We'll see how you cope with your troubles.

A. If you chose 'you got there just in time!'......Even when there is trouble around you, you are very careful about steering clear of it. You're the avoidant type who stays away from trouble.

B. If you chose 'the witch forgot to poison the apple'......You're the type who prefers to talk to someone instead of internalizing. You're very indecisive; the opinion of your surroundings takes precedence over your personal thoughts when dealing with problems.

C. If you chose 'Snow White knew the apple was poisoned and didn't eat it'...... You have an absolute yet unfounded conviction that nothing bad will ever happen to you. You've never really lived through any crisis. Should anything happen, you'll be the type to panic since you aren't emotionally prepared to deal with any sort of trouble.

Imai: Hya hya hya hya! Yes yes.
Yokoyama: That's what I think.
FT: Why in the world do you two have all the same answers?
Imai: Cause we have faith!
Yokoyama: Of course we do, and it's way deep. ...ha, this taking part in the quizzes thing couldn't be going better for me!

D. If you chose 'someone else got to her first'......When others are in trouble, you'll be the one to sympathize and think about possible solutions. You have incredible empathy. Warm and kind, you help others cope; you're of a deeply caring disposition and are good at taking big decisions.

FT57: Q3


You're riding the bus. Which statement is true out of the following?

A. You got off at the wrong station and were in a rush
B. Once in a while you simply wander around
C. You're on your way to work, same as usual
D. You're on your way to a rendez-vous that you're greatly looking forward to

Sakurai: B    Imai: D    Hoshino: D    Higuchi: B    Yagami: A    Yokoyama: D

FT: What?! Did you two just answer the same again?
Imai: Really? Really?
FT: You chose the same for all three questions!
Imai: Hya hya hya hya!
Yokoyama: Ha ha ha! 's creepy *laughs*.


This test will let us check just how unfaithful you are.

A. If you chose 'you got off at the wrong station and were in a rush'......You're an insatiable cheater. Even if some knockout approaches you, you'll probably just wonder whether this encounter can lead you to an even hotter person. Never satisfied with what you have, you're the greedy serial cheater.

Yagami: I was like that, once *smiles*. But not anymore!

B. If you chose 'once in a while you simply wander around'......When it comes to being unfaithful, you follow Tora-san's(1) pattern: you go off in search of a partner whenever the mood strikes you. You're fickle, a vagabond among cheaters, always interested in someone new. At heart, there are plenty of people you care for.

Higuchi: How can Tora-san be a cheater if he's always getting rejected *laughs*.

C. If you chose 'you're on your way to work, same as usual'......You're the Bukiyou-san(2) type: you can't afford to shift your attention elsewhere. While you would gladly two-time or cheat, you're unable to follow through and make it a reality. Like Bukiyou-san.

D. If you chose D 'you're on your way to a rendez-vous that you're greatly looking forward to'......Once you've chosen someone there's no way you'd cheat on them. Unfaithfulness or a change of heart are out of the question: you're nothing if not serious. You channel all of your energy into loving your partner but that can get you in some trouble, since it seriously affects both your hobbies and your work.

Hoshino: I think it's a good thing, that kind of devotion?
FT: But if it seems like it's affecting your work.......
Hoshino: It's alright, it doesn't! *laughs* No need to worry about it. *smiles*

FT: It really is creepy, the two of you having all the same answers *smiles*.
Imai: Right, I was kinda surprised. And creeped out *laughs*.
Yokoyama: Maybe it has something to do with the current recording sessions......
Imai&Yokoyama: Hahaha!

I hadn't noticed at the time but Mr Hoshino had answered the same as Mr Imai and Mr Yokoyama for all 3 questions. Are they thinking alike because they're all busy recording...? -by FT Staff

1. It's a bit much to explain here so just have a peek at the wiki page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otoko_wa_Tsurai_yo
2. I will admit, I have no idea what kind of character Bukiyou-san is. However, I can tell you that the word 'bukiyou' means clumsy, awkward, klutz.

Translated by w_b