Fish Tank 58
Interview - Question & Answer with Sakurai Atsushi
Translation: Lola

You're right in the middle of the tour right now but how do you find it's going so far?
Every show has been good. The mood of everyone in the audience made it sexy too.

The smoke at the opening was incredible. Was that and the rest of the staging something that was requested?
The way the stage was set up was something I've discussed many times with the staff and the other members. They planned it all out so that it would be the best staging possible for people to enjoy. That's why they're the best staff.

You've changed around the set list but how did that come about? Did all the members hold a meeting after a live to discuss it?
Of course we discussed our feelings about it. There was no compromising.

Are the encores decided backstage after the main set? Or are they decided upon beforehand?
Well, mostly we decide after the main set.

How do you decide which songs to perform for the encore?
By asking Yuuta. And asking myself if it's a song that will make him dance.

Whose idea was it to have the "Happy HALLOWEEN" on stage after the show?
If I'm going to be accurate then, Mr. Yamanaka the SOGO Event Planner had the idea. Basically he said if we're going to put such effort into the lights then why not put a message or something? So that's how I got the idea. And it happened to be a Halloween message.

The atmosphere from venue to venue and the mood of the audience from place to place differs from one another so was there any place that left an impression?
It's not like it's the first time but, from Shibuya to Gunma, from big crowds to small, when I see the faces of the people who have come enjoying themselves, there is nothing better than that for me.

How was performing in Toyama for the first time in 22 years?
It was supremely fun. As it is written, it's been 22 years since we visited and yet there were so many people waiting for us, even in the streets. Is there anything happier than that? Thank you, I'll come again.

When you tried to perform the songs from [RAZZLE DAZZLE] live, did your impression of them change? For example did you think some songs didn't rouse people enough?
During rehearsal, I'm always thinking about how to perform so as to enhance the image of the song. But it always ends up being all for naught because before the audience I am incompetent.

It's been a long time since you've played 'SANE' and with the set and the imagery it made it incredible and new. What was the reason behind performing 'SANE'?
See Imai's Q&A.

After performing it, what's your impression of 'SANE' 2010?
Cool & Crazy.

I was astonished by the new version of 'Victims of Love' as well but when did you practice that? Did Imai-san give you the new arrangement during rehearsals?
Yes. That's when we practiced it.

What was your first impression of the new 'Victims of Love'? And how did you find performing it?
It had the kind of atmosphere I adore, Love. It was good performing it erotically right?

With the sudden cold, is there anything you have to really be careful about physically while touring?
My throat, obviously. But that's it.

Right before 'Kuchizuke' on stage you sounded choked with emotion when you said, "Stay...". It wasn't really an MC but did you plan on saying that beforehand?
I just said what I felt at the moment.

It's been awhile since you've had hair that short isn't it. What made you decide on that hairstyle?
Somehow it just ended up short.

I think it really suits you but how has everyone else reacted to it?
1) I like it short 2) I like it long 3) I like you with facial hair 4) I hate it when you have facial hair.

What's the theme of your costume? And how did you come up with it?
There's no real character to it, but I guess it's kinda punk.

Is there anything you're working on in regards to the show at Budoukan?
I'm thinking about things we can only do at Budoukan.

Would you please say a word for all those waiting for the Budoukan show and the standing tour?
It's cold isn't it. Thank you, always. Please let me see your face again.