Fish Tank 58
Interview - Question & Answer with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

You're right in the middle of the tour right now but how do you find it's going so far?
It was a bit hectic the first day but, personally...I felt things had stabilized by the second show. They stabilized a lot sooner than usual.

The smoke at the opening was incredible. Was that and the rest of the staging something that was requested?
They didn't get any requests from me. Basically it's something Acchan and the stage director Komaru-san talk about.

You've changed around the set list but how did that come about? Did all the members hold a meeting after a live to discuss it?
It changed after the second show. We talked about it when we were all drinking together. We took 'Solaris' from the encore and put it in the main set. That way the main set feels more complete, you get the full [RAZZLE DAZZLE] perspective. Whereas the encore is more like a bonus track.

Are the encores decided backstage after the main set? Or are they decided upon beforehand?
It's decided when we return backstage.

How do you decide which songs to perform for the encore?
Well like say for C.C. Lemon Hall, we had two shows there so we try not to do the same thing twice.

Whose idea was it to have the "Happy HALLOWEEN" on stage after the show?
I guess it was Acchan's? Or was it the producer's?

The atmosphere from venue to venue and the mood of the audience from place to place differs from one another so was there any place that left an impression?
Toyama, because we hadn't been there in 22 years.

How was performing in Toyama for the first time in 22 years?
We haven't been since we toured with [SEVENTH HEAVEN] so you could really tell we don't play there very often. The audience was great.

When you tried to perform the songs from [RAZZLE DAZZLE] live, did your impression of them change? For example did you think some songs didn't rouse people enough?
I was a bit worried how 'Django!!!' would go because it was my first time playing a song with that kind of pattern but I'm glad I got the hang of it.

It's been a long time since you've played 'SANE' and with the set and the imagery it made it incredible and new. What was the reason behind performing 'SANE'?

After performing it, what's your impression of 'SANE' 2010?
Again, it felt completely different from the old version. I didn't use the Donca Matic in the past but now I am.

I was astonished by the new version of 'Victims of Love' as well but when did you practice that? Did Imai-san give you the new arrangement during rehearsals?
I think it was a little before we started rehearsing everything wasn't it? It was my idea to play 'Victims~' you know. But I thought we'd be playing the version from [Koroshi no Shirabe] though *smiles*. So I was surprised when we were about to practice it and Imai pulled out this new arrangement for us. Initially I had been practicing the old version you see *laughs*.

What was your first impression of the new 'Victims of Love'? And how did you find performing it?
Wow! This is a change! Seriously. It's good though isn't it. It feels like a tango song now. I'd say it's become very adult.

With the sudden cold, is there anything you have to really be careful about physically while touring so as not to get sick?
Basically, just keep warm.

Before the tour you had been going to the gym, so have you felt the results that?
I think so. Like when we had the two days at C.C. Lemon Hall. Before if I did two shows back to back like that I'd be utterly exhausted but this time I wasn't tired at all.

Does your costume have a theme? And how did you come up with it?
I'm always checking out fashion magazines and watching what women wear on fashion shows and then I ask Yagi-san, "Could you make me the guy version of that?".

Is there anything you're working on in regards to the show at Budoukan?
Not yet, but soon.

Would you please say a word for all those waiting for the Budoukan show and the standing tour?
Come have fun with us if you're close by because we're around nearly every day touring.