Fish Tank 59
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

The standing tour started with the fan club only lives but how did you find the first day went?
I'd say it was fun and even the halls were full and since I was familiar with most of the songs by then, I was relaxed.

You changed the set list from the regular tour for the fan club only lives though.
Yes. We change it so that it's special for the fan club. But I wasn't uncomfortable with the changes we made.

Would you say the standing tour up till this point went smoothly?
Yes, very smoothly.

How do you find the hall tour compared to the standing tour?
Of course for the hall tour there were images used in the background, and there's the lighting and the way the stage is framed and I thought all those things were good in showing the whole image for the tour. Small live houses are all about the songs and really let people get into it.

Were there any songs you requested specifically for the fan club only lives Hide-san?
I thought we should do 'Voo Doo' since we hadn't yet. And I asked for an older song, 'Physical Neurose' and 'Spider' I think?

We tried something for the first time for the FC only live.
Ah yes, the group picture right?

How was it?
It was good wasn't it?

I thought it made the feeling of the live a little different, what about you?
Well, it's nothing to be shy about *laughs*. But I thought it's good if it makes others happy.

You finished the hall tour in Osaka at the NHK hall where the live was filmed for the DVD but have you seen it?
Yeah. It was our first time working with that director but the end product came out really well I think.

By the way was the stage changed the day the DVD was filmed?
A little *smiles*. I'd say made everything can't screw up you know because the sound is being recorded there's that to keep in mind *smiles*. And since we're being filmed...perhaps it's better if things are a little over the top. But that can be a problem sometimes too.

The finale for the hall tour was in Budoukan at the end of the year so how was that?
The feeling in Budoukan was good too. Perhaps those who watched could see how well the big stage suited the show this time too.

Then the day before the show at Budoukan, you performed for the event at Makuhari Messe.
Ah, yes that's right.

How was performing for that event?
It felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Well, you know it was an event so I was really able to enjoy myself.

Did knowing that you had to perform at Budoukan the following day affect your performance in any way?
Not in a bad way.

But normally you'd have the day before Budoukan off....
So? Doing a live the day before isn't a bad thing. It's really not such a horrible thing to endure *laughs*. On the contrary, I'd say with a good event beforehand it all feels just right.

With Budoukan finished, how did you spend your New Year holiday?
This year I spent New Year's on an island in the South relaxing.

On quite a few of the questionnaires for the standing tour, people wrote that you looked incredibly dreamy with your suntan.
Hahahaha! Ah yes, I see. Well that was the point of going, to get a suntan *smiles*.

When did you start getting back into work?
A little before rehearsals I guess. I got back into things pretty quickly.

It's unusual to start a tour in January but you guys did, so how do you find it?
I'd say I don't really feel that exhausted you know. Like I haven't caught a cold or anything. I've been really diligent about that since the air's so dry lately.

What do you do to prevent being sick?
I have a humidifier at home but at hotels I make sure there's one in the room and I take really hot baths. I wrote that in the Q&A too.

Ah, yes you did.
Is that ok? I've said the same thing twice *smiles*.

Actually, we're doing this interview right now in Shinkiba's green room and once we're done, you'll have a live. It's the first time the limited mobile will be sold.
Right, the limited goods are out. I think you can get a ring tone with it too right.

Anyway, I'm not sure what sort of ring tone you'll get but, I'm sure it'll be fun.

Finally would you please say a word to everyone awaiting the last show at Akasaka BLITZ.
There are very few shows left on our RAZZLE DAZZLE tour so, if you're close by you must come to the final show and have fun with us.