Fish Tank 59
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

You're currently in the midst of the standing tour but the other day was the fan club only live so how was that?
Oh, yeah. It was exciting. It's been a long time since I took a picture of the audience like that. The type of hall made it easy. It's a good venue isn't it. (Shikiba Studio Coast)

You haven't performed there since Lucy right Imai-san?

Did you request any songs for the set list of the standing tour Imai-san?
Ah...I wanted to include 'Dokudanjou Beauty' and 'Baby, I want you'.

You were touring with the same album for the hall tour and the standing tour but how do you find the shows comparatively?
Every time I think...when we do a hall tour and then a standing tour, of course I feel earnestly that... the standing shows are so great.

What aspect? Is it because the fans are closer?
Yes, exactly. But then, when I'm in a hall I think...this is so good~ *laughs*.

Because you can do different things there?

I was surprised by your various hairstyles during the tour Imai-san, you changed it quite a number of times. Like the other day you even put it up right.
Yeah, yeah. Because I realized I could put it up...with the length it was.

So what made you decide to change your hair?
More and more I just felt like ugh, I'm so ~ sick of it this way.

People really seemed to like your new hair style at the standing lives.
Oh, you mean with this length? Well, I had it long for so long you know. So now finally it's like, "Ah~ better" *smiles* because it was really just so long's much...easier now.

But you didn't put your hair up for every show though...
Ah, well, yes because that time I just...well no, I don't know why! Sometimes I just feel like it you know~! I'm bad at it but I thought people with their hair up look interesting *smiles*.

The other day you had shows in Hiroshima and Kochi so please tell us of anything interesting that happened there.
Well when we were over there (Kochi), wait, you're talking about the fan who came at me when I left the green room to go take pictures? Right? Well he had a fishing rod...since we were near the sea and, when I went to take a picture of a factory he said, "Hey, you're Imai-san right?"...then he asked me for my autograph *smiles*.

So you gave it to him?
No, I ah, just said sorry *smiles*.

I guess that guy was going fishing right?
Well...he was holding a fishing rod so...I guess he was was just too weird for me to sign it...well in any case it was interesting *smiles*. When I thought about it afterwards I thought it'd be better if I had~ signed it *smiles*.

That night you wandered about the town right? With Higuchi-san and he took paparazzi photos of you....
You mean the ones in my blog? He took them so fast.

In Shinkiba, Yagami-san had forgotten his ear monitor and you set him up with something, right Imai-san.
And he was all sulky about it and took it out on the drums *bursts out laughing!*.

Still, there were people who enjoyed the show regardless.
While I think, "Ugh, again?!" *smiles*.

The DVD for the hall tour was filmed in Osaka but was there something different about it this time?
Ah...I'd say the degree of nervousness is different.

What about what the new director did with it?
Yeah, I was happy with it. I wanted the feeling of the live to be there...and it came out amazing.

How was the end of the year show at Budoukan?
It was fun.

I heard from a lot of people that it was the best it's been in years.
Yeah, it really was incredibly awesome.

Even though you participated in an event the day before....
Oh yes, Rockin' on right. It was really interesting. I thought it went well.

Because there are other people there other than Buck-Tick fans right?
Yes, exactly, that's what makes it worth doing! I'd like to keep doing more.

I ask you every year but how was your New Year's?
Mmf...ah...did you see my blog? *smiles*

The Puyo Puyo game? *smiles*
Ahah...she (Yanagihara Kanako) was so insanely good at it! *smiles* You know I'm usually not the type to be outdone by anyone but she was too good...I never won! *smiles*

You want your Puyo Puyo revenge....
I doubt I'd win though! *bursts out laughing!*

So since when have you been preparing for the tour?
Um...since...sometime before rehearsals I guess.

It's been a fairly long time since Buck-Tick has toured in January, so how do you find it's going?
Huh? It's going good isn't it?

Normally you're celebrating a lot in January....
Ah, true...yeah, I wanted to but...well, just couldn't this time, but whatever it's fine, it happens *smiles*.

What are your plans for after the tour?
Nothing I can say *smiles*. But there are things I'd like to do....

So, say something to the awaiting fans.
Umm, well...each live has been amazing so, for sure if you came that'd be...good.