After eight years the time has come for the last Quiz Corner! Thank you all for having kept us company this long. We'll delve into the depths of the members' psyche one last time!
After chatting with us in Mr Imai's corner, Buck-Tick's manipulator Mr Yokoyama joins us today. Now, what will the quizzes reveal about everyone's psyche?! Let's all do them together!

FT59: Q1


You're walking home along a rainy street when you spot a puppy wandering about, looking lost. You decide to go on your way when he looks at you and whimpers. What is he telling you?
You then pick the puppy up and at that very moment his owner appears and presents you with a token of his gratitude. What is this token? There are no options to choose from so answer freely.

Imai: .......... (Mr Imai just can't think of an answer.)
FT: That's it! Time's up in 5...4...3...2-
Imai: Just wait a second, wait!
FT: Absolutely not. You've had six and a half minutes! (Mr Imai reaches for his drink.) Stop that. I'm not letting you drink until you answer!
Imai: But why?!!!
FT: Because you haven't answered yet. Unfortunately this shall be the last instalment of the quizzes because Imai-san won't give us his answer. I'll write that, that it's all Imai-san's fault that we're ending the quizzes.
Imai: Hey, what are you saying that for?!!!
FT: Because it's been eleven and a half minutes and you still haven't answered!
In the end it took him 14 minutes to answer.... It's all Mr Imai's fault that we're ending the quizzes....

Puppy -> You're all alone too?
Token -> Candy that I absolutely cannot eat.

Puppy -> He's not telling me anything.
Token -> Nothing. He just said thanks.

Puppy -> Don't leave me~
Token -> Something like a bag of apples he just got at the supermarket.

Puppy -> I'm sorry, please spare me some of your warm soup.
Token -> Unlikely I'd get anything. Just a word of thanks.

Puppy -> I'm lost, help me~!
Token -> A gift certificate!

Puppy -> I'm bored~
Token -> Money. A ten thousand yen note.

Hoshino: Well I wouldn't leave him you know *smiles*. I'd stay with him, right.


Since the puppy is a symbol of cuteness he represents you.

The puppy's whimper...... Those are the words you would say to your partner if you fell on hard times.
The token of gratitude from the owner...... That is the type of token of gratitude you would find fitting to give to your partner after they rescued you in a time of crisis.

Yagami: Hahaha! A gift certificate is the best because you can exchange it for a gift or for cash, don't you think so? *laughs*

FT59: Q2


Out of the following, which type of person do you hate the most? Which makes you the most angry?

A. A dumb, smothering mother-hen
B. A shameless pig
C. A sly fox
D. A wolf in sheep's clothing

Sakurai: A    Imai: C    Hoshino: B    Higuchi: B    Yagami: B    Yokoyama: B


This test will show us whether you can devote yourself to another person, as well as the type of person you have a hard time dealing with.

A. If you chose the hen......You have a hard time dealing with people who smother their partner. People who smother their partner without ever noticing that their actions are unwelcome, and people who seem smart but in reality are clueless: those are the ones you have trouble dealing with. It also hurts you when the partner whom you've devoted yourself to can't let go of old issues.

Sakurai: A hen and a pig, well aren't we just perfect together *smiles*.

B. If you chose the pig......What you absolutely cannot stand are smarmy people, people who do not know the meaning of cooperation, who lack any semblance of tact. You yourself have a hard time joining new social circles because you're rather reserved. If there's no one by your side looking out for you at a social gathering, chances are you'll leave.

Hoshino: I get the first part but.... I can socialize you know, it's more that I'm simply not that outgoing.

Higuchi: Wow, really??? Well I guess you could say that.

Yokoyama: Oh! I am shy around strangers. Yeah, that is me *smiles*.

C. If you chose the fox......You have a hard time dealing with self-centered people. You show great modesty in front of those around you and you tend to bottle up all of your ambitions You seem to hate tactless people who act selfishly but you're actually jealous of them, aren't you.

D. If you chose the wolf......Simply put, you're ill at ease around rational people. You don't like to place yourself on a pedestal so having your partner considered flawless somehow strikes you as dishonest on their part. If you could, you'd blow up and start a huge fight with them. And so day by day you let every little stress add up.

FT59: Q3


The live recording of a TV show you're taking part in is about to start. After waiting backstage you are now called into the green room from which you'll be making your way onto the studio set. What do you do with your valuables at this time?

A. You bring them with you
B. You leave them backstage, as they were
C. You leave them with the manager or someone you trust
D. You lock them in the backstage safe

Sakurai: Should I answer with what I really do?
FT: I think it's ok even if you pick something hypothetical.

Yagami: It also depends on whether or not there's a lock on that room but....

Sakurai: A    Imai: B    Hoshino: B    Higuchi: B    Yagami: C    Yokoyama: C


By observing how you treat things that are precious to you we can guess your sexuality.

A. If you chose to bring the valuables with you......You would never have sex with a person right after meeting them.

Sakurai: Ha ha ha ha! You know of course I wouldn't just push someone over right after meeting them!
FT: Yes *smiles*. But didn't you answer hypothetically here? So really....
Sakurai: Hm? What are you getting at? That I should be pushing people over? Hm?

B. If you chose to leave your valuables backstage...... For you sex and love are two different things. And sometimes, you like to have some dirty fun.

Higuchi: That sounds horrible *laughs*. I'm the bad guy! Acchan got the good one, didn't he.

C. If you chose to leave your valuables with someone......You'll do pretty dirty things if pushed. You're weak enough to give in when asked.

Yagami: Hahahahaha! The hell is this? *laughs* Should I have put them in the safe then?

Yokoyama: This kind of thing, well, sometimes it just happens you know *laughs*.

D. If you chose to lock your valuables in the safe......You have a lot of friends of the opposite sex. You're able to meet people without seeing them as an object of lust.

A thank you to all those who provided us with fun quizzes!
This is it~! We're already working on a new corner for the next issue. Please look forward to it!!!

Translated by w_b