Fish Tank 59
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

How has touring since January been?
Cold *smiles*. Cold and hard. I stretch beforehand of course. But I didn't stretch properly. It gets my body going you know. I never did that sort of thing when I was young though, was too cool for that. Thing is, the place where we played in Takasaki was like a warehouse. Meaning, it had high ceilings. And because it was so spacious it was fairly freezing to play there *smiles*.

Really? It was cold during the live too?
It finally warmed up by the end *smiles*. But you know because of the cold I ended up dropping my stick. When I went to mute the cymbal with my hand, my hand was so numb with cold I wasn't sure if I was holding it properly *smiles*.

How do you find the hall tour versus the standing tour of this year comparatively?
They're completely different. Like for the sound, in a narrow space the sound comes out really tight so it's easy to monitor it you know. Whereas in a hall there's a different sound echo so it gets hard to know which is the actual sound because of the reverb. Because it sounds different we have to adjust our monitors and it can be a pain. Because there's less space for the standing live we don't get that echo. So for that reason, if I'm to say which is easier of the two then for sure it's the standing lives. Because it's easier to monitor the sound in that environment.

The fans are closer than in a hall as well.
That makes me shy! Hahahahaha! They're too close.... Feels like my every move is being watched by guys who wanna be in a band *smiles*. I know that look.

It was fun that you used sound and images on the big screen for the hall tour but how did you find being so close to the screen?
Being so close to it, I couldn't really see it you know. Acchan came gliding over next to me during 'Kuuki no Dead heat' though and for a moment I saw the screen and thought 'wow'. But because the screen was so huge and I was so close, I couldn't really understand what I was seeing. You have to be further away in order to see it properly. So being so close, of course I couldn't really understand the images.

You ended the hall tour with a performance at Budoukan, but how did that go for you?
Yuuta already said it but, it's rare in recent years that a Budoukan show goes so well. But like he said by some chance it went well *smiles*. I felt it when I was on stage. Everyone did.

Oh, you sensed it then.
Yeah. The sound was recorded as well and then when we were checking it afterwards of course it was good, it sounded great!

Then there was what you put up on the screen for the opening of the FT only lives.
Acchan's voice was in great form too. How can I put it best? Of course his voice always has that rawness right. Anyway his voice was coming so clearly on my earphones and of course you understand that the level has to be perfect. After about the third song the monitor man came to ask me how the balance was so I told him. Next thing I know, Acchan's vocals lower then shut off completely with a click *smiles*.

What? Really? Do you always check the ear monitor while you're on stage?
Yes. We do.

Oh, I guess during the MCs?
Right. You didn't know? We do it every time. So basically I usually have to put up with any issues there might be with it for the first three songs or so and then when the stage goes dark for the MC, the monitor man comes from the back to check to see if everything is alright. Then I tell him what he needs to be raised or lowered. It's always like that, every time.

I see. So when the stage goes dark like that it's not just a time for MCs and wiping the sweat off your brow.
Right, it's also time for us to make adjustments. I think it's like that for everyone.

The day before the show in Budoukan you performed for the Rockin' On event.
It was like a festival. It was fun because I got to see people I hadn't in a long while too. Like Minato-kun and Okuda Tamio-kun.

How did you feel about doing the event the day before Budoukan?
At first I was against it you know. Because we hadn't done something like that before. I figured how could we do it with an actual show the next day at Budoukan. So I thought it was a bad idea before we did it but then once we did it, it felt like it was a good warm up for the Budoukan show actually. I thinks that's why the show at Budoukan ended up turning out so well *smiles*.

Your performance was short for the event as well.
Yes, yes, yes. That's why it turned out so well. I really did have fun *smiles*.

What did you do for your New Year's holiday?
Went home to the countryside.

It appears as though most of the set list for the standing tour was decided upon during the hall tour but did you begin your personal rehearsals in January?
Yeah. Since we were doing new songs for the standing tour I focused on rehearsal.

You're still mid-tour but would you say a word for the fans?
Feels like we're steadily making our way around to everyone. I'm still going to the gym to be in tip top shape for my performances *smiles*. So I'll give you a good quality show!