Uta's New Corner

Collecting All Intriguing Photos!

My apologies for making all of you wait. My new corner! is here.

Is it a thing, a person, a vegetable that looks like a member of Buck-Tick?! Or maybe you've seen a sign in your town bearing one of the members' names? Please send me photos of any fun thing you have come across.

Please also add the following:

* Where have you found it
* An introduction of the picture you are sending (it's open format)
* Your FT number, full name and pen name

I am awaiting all of your entries!!!

We must receive your entries by Tuesday May 2nd, 2011!

* Any pictures you send in will not be returned to you.
* All entries must be titled: Kaihou 59gou [Yu-ta shi no shin ko-na-] kakari
   Or if you prefer: 会報59号[ユータ氏の新コーナー]係

Send your entries to:

Fish Tank
Kaihou 59gou [Yu-ta shi no shin ko-na-] kakari
1-11-12-302 Sendagaya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
151-0051 JAPAN

Translated by w_b