Messages from the members of Buck-Tick

These messages were sent along with the FISH TANK 59 issue.

We shall meet in autumn.
Once again I'll party it up with everyone~ absolutely, so let's meet in autumn. Thank you.
-Sakurai Atsushi

Come on, the real fun is yet to come.
Let's bring it all to a climatic end.
-Imai Hisashi

Even if it's just for a little bit, we'll bring back the smiles to everyone's faces in November & December.
-Hoshino Hidehiko

Thanks to the great efforts of a lot of people on our staff we've been able to avoid cancelling the tour completely. Regrettably the shows have been postponed for awhile but, when I think about being able to see everyone's smiling faces again I'm really happy.
I'm looking forward to those days.
-Higuchi Yutaka

I'm looking forward to being able to meet with you all and see your smiling faces!
-Yagami Toll

Translated by Lola