Fortune -The Divination Palace-
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Vol.1 Sakurai Atsushi

Greetings everyone. Welcome to our new corner, "The Divination Palace". Starting today the members will have their fortunes read one by one by a professional fortune teller. And Mister Sakurai Atsushi will be the first.
Let's see what Mister Sakurai's fortune holds in store!

Tarot Fortune Teller

First of all, you are prone to conflict due to your zodiac sign. Your emotions and your intentions point to polar opposites and that is essentially where the conflicts tend to arise. Especially in the case of relationships.

Though your ascendant is Pisces, your descendant is Virgo and people from under that sign are sensitive and easily emotionally manipulated. However due to your ascendant being Pisces you also want to show everyone even more love than you already do. While your logic tells you to love everyone, your heart forbids it; the resulting conflict is now taking its toll on you.
This great division, the fight against the parts of yourself you do not approve of is wearing you out. It would be easier on you if you accepted yourself as you are.

Mister Sakurai had his overall fortune read.

The key card is Peace.

Currently your greatest challenge is finding emotional stability and peace. Perhaps you should be focusing a bit more on reality. You should not however completely discount matters which you are unsure about.

Your work relationships seem to be in a good place.
I feel like you are a kind of mediator within Buck-Tick.
You are overly mindful of each band member and that might be taking its toll of you. However, I think that it is because of your presence that Buck-Tick is a united band. You bring a perfect balance to the group.

Next... The fortune concerning your health isn't bad. You should however cut back on alcohol. I don't see any major illnesses but the alcohol worries me.

I believe that in the future you'll become able to express yourself with greater ease. Even if you happen to disagree with whatever it is you are doing at the time, you'll find yourself willing to overlook the conflict. But in order to become this kind of person you need to enjoy everything that is around you.
You aren't particularly motivated right now but perhaps you will enjoy yourself once you give things a try. And for this very reason perhaps you should not dismiss things without having experienced them personally.

The next fortune concerns your finances.... It worries me a little bit.
You may not have as many funds at your disposition as you think you do. But I do believe that this situation will not last forever and your finances will improve with time.

Mister Sakurai's comment after the fortune reading:
I thought it touched upon quite a few different topics. I will take it as constructive criticism, these days I would like to enjoy the rest of my life to its full extent.

This experience was kind of more intense than I expected.
Well then, who should have their fortune read next time?
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