Fish Tank 60
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

First off, let's talk about what happened that day...what were you doing Hide-san on March 11th when the earthquake hit?
I had set out in a car that had been sent for when I felt it suddenly. At first when the shaking stopped for a bit I thought we could keep going. The car had a TV though and as I watched I came to fully understand the gravity of the situation. But I made it back home even without taking the Shinkansen.

But weren't the streets extremely congested with traffic?
It was before it got bad. I left and came back before the worst of it. The train station was flooded with people though.

Did you ever think Buck-Tick's charity proceeds would reach 3 650 000 yen by the end of April?
For my part, I'm happy about that. It's thanks to everyone's incredible support.

Up until the show in Nagoya, was there any place that left an impression on you during the tour?
I wonder, maybe the Mobile members only live? A live is a live of course but that was different for various reasons right?

Well people didn't have paper tickets so instead they held their cell phones up as they passed through the ticket gate during admission. Which was revolutionary.
Weren't they able to get something? Like that voice wear thing?

Yes. They could have their QR codes read in the lobby for various things like the voice wear and games.
Yeah, ok.

I find the memory game quite fun personally.
I don't think you can play that on a smart phone though right?

Right. Oh!! You have a smart phone don't you Hide-san?

Did you get it recently?
A little while ago I guess. I let my cell sink underwater...hahaha!!

These things do happen *smiles*.br> Right, so I figured I'd try out a smart phone. But well, I just can't get the hang of e-mailing with it.

But how did your other cell end up under water?
Hm? That I cannot tell you *smiles*. Use your imagination.

Ha ha ha! I see. Since more and more people are switching to smart phones we'll have to get cracking on making the appropriate corresponding changes.
Please hurry it up, for my sake. Hahaha!

The day of the FC only live in Nagoya on March 6th the group picture was taken and a cake was brought on stage for Sakurai-san even though it was the night before his birthday.
Yes. Somehow that seems like so long ago now *smiles*. But it happened recently.

You also performed in the 'Ongaku to Hito' event in February.
Yeah. I had no idea what Kanemitsu-san had in mind though by bringing the three bands together *smiles*. But as we did it I started to get it. Like...instead of bringing bands together that were exactly the same genre, he brought people together who would make a fun show.

I think it was something new for Buck-Tick fans too, to see the other two bands perform.
Because there aren't really any similarities between us.

Did you speak with anyone from the other bands at the after party?
Yeah. I... talked to the kid who plays guitar for Kegawa no was fun because there was a lot of varied discussion.

You have a little free time until your next performance so what are you planning to do till then?
Plans hm...... Well the lives have been scheduled for November and December right. So, I'll do what I can until then like it'd be good if I could write songs and get some recording done.

What have you been doing recently then?
Brushing up on my guitar. Because I'll probably be locked away working during the summer. That's what I imagine anyway.

I guess the content for the postponed lives will change?
We haven't talked about that yet. But well, I feel like it'd be best if we made it feel like something new you know.

Those shows are scheduled quite close to the DIQ.
Yes but the live house tour will be done in live houses and the DIQ is something completely different. That's how I see it it's ok, I'm not worried about it all *smiles*.

It was felt that it would be good to do the DIQ in various places this year but did you talk about where those places might be?
So far, we've talked about how many we should do and we have list of places we're considering. We thought we'd do one out West, but that was decided upon before the earthquake.

I see, so even if other places are considered, for sure you will be heading West. Finally will you give a message to everyone awaiting the postponed lives?
Because of what happened we had to postpone the shows but perhaps there are those who could not make it before and only can now so...I feel I would like to do a good live for them so please look forward to then.