Fish Tank 60
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

How did you spend Golden Week?
Well, I hung out and drank with friends. And I went to Minato-kun's live. He's completely different on stage than in real life and I got to see his stage self. It was amazing as usual. He just gets better and better you know. Afterwards I went to a drummers get-together. Then recently I met the drummer of Polysics at the event we did together. Afterwards I ended up hanging out with the other five or six young drummers. That was interesting.

It must have been incredible to have all those drummers together.
We all ended up exchanging e-mail addresses. And we decided we should all drink together sometime.

How were you affected the moment of the March 11th earthquake Yagami-san?
I was at home. I knew it was serious. Because it made the books fall out of the bookshelf. Because of how bad the shaking was I now know where to stand in case things collapse.

Afterwards you had to leave the house though right?
Because at that point in time we were still fully set on doing the live.

Because at that point no one fully understood the gravity of the situation in the Tohoku region.
It was hard getting the information. But while I was in the car I was starting to understand because the aftershocks were so terrible.

I think it's the first time we've had to postpone a tour due to this kind of situation.
But it couldn't be helped right. Humans don't stand a chance against natural disasters like that. When that kind of natural disaster hits, you really understand just how very small people are.

After that we started the charity fundraising and by the end of April we amassed a total of 3 650 000 yen.
I am really thankful for that. It's thanks to all the Buck-Tick fans who lent their support, it's not us really, I think it is absolutely because of the wonderful fans, really.

Recently there's been less and less about the earthquake on the news though....
I know. That's why we have to keep doing what we're doing. Japanese people make a fuss about it now because they feel the blow they've been dealt. But I mean half a year from now, things won't really be any different. That's why I think we should keep doing charity work.

You toured until the March show in Nagoya but did any place up till that point leave an impression?
Sapporo, because we were there in February during the snow festival.

Did you attend the festival at all?
I didn't really have the time *smiles*. But the day before we went to Sapporo I got to see the ice sculptures on the news *smiles*.

Before the rest of the tour got postponed, your last show was in Nagoya's Diamond Hall....
It's rare we get to celebrate Acchan's birthday like that isn't it. Usually our tours haven't started yet by Acchan's birthday.

But this year since the tour started in January we were able to celebrate Yuuta-san's and Sakurai-san's birthdays on stage.
It's true. We had such fun drinking after those lives *smiles*.

Just before you were talking about hanging out with drummers, you got to do that after the 'Ongaku to Hito' event in February with two other bands.
That's when Polysics drummer, Yano-kun and I became friends after talking. It was after that that we had our drummers get together.

Did you watch Polysic's live?
Just on the monitor. They're more techno than I thought but, surprisingly the drumming felt like rock to me.

You have some free time until the next live so what are your plans until then?
I'll be practicing. By watching instructional videos at home. I watched one today too *smiles*.

What do you mean by that? Instruction video?
It's a video with lectures from a famous overseas drummer. I have quite a few. Today I watched the one with Jeff Porcaro originally from TOTO and Carmine Appice *smiles*.

People have a slightly different perception of drummers even though they are musicians.
You've got vocalists, guitarists, bassists. But we're just drummers. We're not drummists you know. Because it's such a physical instrument right. But the mental aspect is important too because while the physical aspect of drumming is important since you use your whole body for it, it's not just about that. It's different than sports. It's not just motor memory when I play, it's learning from practice.

You have the DIQ after the postpones lives as well, and it's the first time you'll be doing the DIQ in places like Hiroshima and Fukuoka.
I know there are a lot of people who really would love to have DIQ come to their area so, I know they'll be happy. Basically it's like a best of show right? Will we ask everyone what they want to hear again?

Finally would you say something to all those awaiting the postponed lives?
I will give it my every effort to be a true professional!