Fortune -The Divination Palace-
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Vol.2 Higuchi Yutaka

Welcome to the Divination Palace. This corner will feature the members having their fortunes read one by one by a professional fortune teller. Mister Higuchi Yutaka joins us for the second instalment.
And what did Mister Yuuta's reading reveal? See for yourself!

Tarot Fortune Teller

Mister Yuuta had his fortune read to see whether he could stay on friendly terms with all of his coworkers.

Basically, I believe that Yuuta-san is someone who is able to get along with everyone. After being shown Yuuta-san's horoscope I can see that he's incredibly kind, sociable, that he tries to be thoughtful and wants to be of help... For this reason I think he plays a mother's role within the band.

I am getting an insight into your past and present and feel that you've definitely found yourself at odds with people before, and not only with your band members. However it does look like those past experiences might have changed your stance... Seems you now prefer to get along with others, to keep your communication as private as possible.

Higuchi: That's sca~ry~

Not at all, you subconsciously pulled the success card which I believe means that you want to facilitate relationships, that you strongly wish to build a self that can relate to other people.

The fortune reader turns cards over one by one and continues her explanations.

As for what you can do right now.... You're wondering if you should be coming across to everyone as kind, friendly, cute, as a kid. But I think it's too late for that since people already see you that way.

For the part of you which is wondering whether that is the right way to go I see a card of overpowering passion. I feel as though perhaps you might feel strongly that you need to control your own ego, your passion and freedom.

This makes me wonder whether perhaps you shouldn't force yourself to be friendly and instead maintain people at a certain distance, neither too close nor too far. Because if you get too close you will certainly get in each other's way.

The people around you have fully accepted you by now but it seems to me you're the only one who still worries about it. I do think that perhaps it is in your nature to overly worry about the people around you. And I think that has the contrary effect of draining you mentally. Therefore, you should stop worrying so much if you want things to turn around for the better.

And now, the final result.
This lovers card here symbolizes the ability to get along with others. Communicating with different people, accepting both your partner's good and bad sides, communicating well, creating things.... That's why I feel that perhaps if you don't worry too much, everything will move along without a hitch. There's nothing in particular for you to change. Rather, these days you're building better relationships than you think so have some faith in yourself and it'll be ok!

I heard FT staff in the vicinity enthusiastically nodding along their agreement but....
At the end of the fortune reading, Mister Yuuta himself....
I don't get this talk of mental fatigue and all, you know. I'll take care though. So maybe this was good after all *smiles*.

Well then, who should have their fortune read next time?
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