Fish Tank 61
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Translation: Lola

Why don't you tell us about the current situation.
Recently...umm, last time I think I may have said something about preparing for song writing but as of right now I'm in the midst of composing full force. It's song writing time.

So you guys were able to decide on a concept?
Uhh. Well, we did meet up a couple of times to talk about it and I guess we basically discussed a general outline of what we'd like to do.

Do you feel it's something different than usual?
...well, perhaps it's best if I don't say too much about it just yet.

So you're not at that point yet.
Right. Though I think we've had the chance to talk about it more than we usually do beforehand.

That's true. You've actually made a point to meet and talk about it awhile before recording...
Yes. I'd say this way we could get everyone's thoughts together so you could say we'll be going into recording with a heightened awareness.

Do you think you'll be perfecting one song at a time Hide-san?
Previously I certainly would just concentrate on one song at a time, I would want to wait until one song was absolutely complete and had all the finishing touches before I moved onto the next one. Recently I haven't been doing that and I've managed to come up with a lot comparatively.

Next year is marked by Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary since your debut so I'm guessing you have talked about that with everyone?
It would have been good if we had since things are going to get busy from here on out.

I'm sure you've talked about the song choice for the Day in Question at the end of the year though right?
We did discuss the direction of the set list a little.

I heard you had some ideas about it Hide-san.
Ah yeah, I thought to go chronologically. I just thought that if we did things that way the song choice would fit better.... Because I mean, well we've got 25 years worth you know so how many albums do think that is?

About 18 or 19 I think.
And that's just about the right number of songs for a show, which I thought was interesting.

In the last issue we asked people to vote for their choice for DIQ and we don't have the complete total yet but these are the results so far.
*while looking at the BEST 10 results so far* I see.

So is this close to what you were thinking or way off?
Well *smiles*.

Didn't you single this song out especially?
I did, yeah. But choosing songs is hard. Like I might want to do a certain song from a certain album but then no matter what I do, there's always the possibility that it won't flow with the rest of the concert *smiles*. So...I'm left wondering how it will turn out.

So what do you think of the BEST 10 requests?
They're good aren't they? *smiles* I'll definitely keep them in mind.

Also I thought you were thinking of perhaps changing the set list for the postponed shows?
I thought perhaps we should change them a little bit yes.

Nothing definite to say about it yet?
Nope, not yet.

Do you think by the time of DIQ you'll have some new songs ready?
By the end of this year? I don't think so *smiles*. Absolutely not, regrettably *smiles*.

Speaking of DIQ, you'll be doing one in Zepp Sendai but how did that come about?
Right. Well we weren't going to at first you know. But then the staff told us we could.

You weren't sure you could at first because of the situation after the earthquake?
Yeah. So now when we go...maybe, we can offer them encouragement in some way and if our going can give them strength then, that's good isn't it? So that's why we're doing it.

There have also been a lot of people from Kyushu voicing their opinion that you know, they can't go all the way to Tokyo either for DIQ so why not have one there?
Yeah, I know. Well that was the general idea initially. To go do DIQ in places that ordinarily we wouldn't.

You will have continual lives in autumn and winter with the postponed shows and the DIQ.

So finally, would you say a word to everyone awaiting the postponed shows and the DIQ?
Yes. Well, we ended up having to postpone some shows but...once again now I'm thinking about what to do for the "Utakata no RAZZLE DAZZLE TOUR 2011" and I hope you're looking forward to what we come up with once again as much as I am and of course, as is custom we will have our DIQ shows as well though and I hope we can make it a special occasion. Yeah so, it'll be fun so don't miss it!