Fish Tank 61
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Translation: Lola

Please tell me about your current situation Imai-san.
There was Kiyoshi-kun's live...the other day in Daikanyama. And I got to join him for a whole four songs.

How did he approach you about it?
Well he sent me an e-mail. Seems like lately he has lives every week. Anyway he said we should do something, like the Roosters...and I said yeah that'd be good. I haven't been on stage in a while with him in front of an audience so, that was fun. Yup. Really fun.

It's been awhile since you've been with Kiyoshi-san hasn't it?
Yeah. He came over two days before the live to practice and rehearse.

So you rehearsed with him too.
Right. Well it's just the two of us on acoustic guitars so...we were able to do it all at home.

It's rare that you play an acoustic isn't it?
But since it was my first entirely acoustic live Kiyoshi wouldn't stop asking me about it....

I can understand that *smiles*.
But it's not like I've never played acoustic before. I have played acoustic during lives.

You've never really spent a live sitting though. It had been awhile since you've been on stage and on top of that the audience was quite close.
They were close, yeah. They were right here *motions to within easy reach*.... I guess there were about 60 people maybe. I found it really fun.

After that you went to a live as well right Imai-san?
I've been listening to COMPLEX for awhile but it was my first time going to their live. I mean it was really like...well I've written about it already in my blog but the grandeur of the songs, the arrangements and just the whole live was incredibly hyper and macho, it was very cool.

And you had that discussion about techno recently.
Yes, the day before yesterday. With Hayashi-kun from POLYSICS and Yoko-chan (Mr. Yokoyama the Manipulator)....

I know you said you wanted to discuss techno with them so how was it having that conversation realized?
Honestly, it was really very fun. Yoko-chan just happened to have brought some YMO with him in a bag too, naturally. But he was so casual about it, it was ok *smiles*.

I wonder who it is who likes hard core techno then~?
Yeah well...but you know... Yoko-chan and Hayashi-kun are crazy maniacs for techno so no matter what live you ask them about...they're the kind of people who can talk about the techno elements of it.

Was it the first time you drank with Hayashi-san like that?
Yes, yes. Previously, around the time we did the event together, I exchanged e-mail addresses with a lot of the people there.... I would keep saying how I'd like to hang out and have a talk about techno and stuff but...sadly it wouldn't turn out that way. We'd keep saying oh next time we'll do it but it'd never happen, it became a pattern.

It happens sometimes, people are just trying to be polite about saying no....
Yeah. But he really wasn't just being diplomatic. We really did have an amazing time together that day of the live.

The three of you ended up talking deep into the night....

As for Buck-Tick, right now is the period of composition so, how's that going?
It's going. Not quite there yet, still a ways to go.

I've already asked Sakurai-san this but, you're doing things differently this time right?
Yeah. Well it's really experimental.

Seems like Sakurai-san had a few key words in mind to go from....
Ah, yes.

How is composing, while keeping his words in mind?
Well fundamentally, my song writing hasn't changed. ...of course I'd like to try things from a different angle than the last time. I mean I'd like to put out something thought provoking that makes people wonder, like 'what is this?!'. So I'm thinking about approaching it from a slightly different angle. When it comes to my way of composing, my stance is...well I'd like to try various things...personally, yeah that's what I'd like to do but...that doesn't really directly affect the recording itself.

You want to do what you want without compromising yourself?
Yeah. There were a number of songs in the past that I thought had some good bits about them. So it'd be good to build on those things. I think personally that's what...I'd like to try anyway. Really...from here on out.

Next year is Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary you know. I wonder what sort of year it will be with all the various things planned.
Ah....huh? You're thinking about that?

*smiles* Yes, of course I'm thinking about it. Isn't there anything you'd like to do Imai-san? *smiles*
Like an event? I guess it would be fun to plan something? For our 25th anniversary. I'd like to do a live.

Then in the fall you'll continue with the postponed lives and the DIQ so have you been thinking about that?
...a bit.

I know Hide-san and Yuuta-san have some plans for the DIQ but what about you Imai-san?
I wonder *smiles*.

And we've received the fan requests for DIQ.
Yes we have...already...yeah. Yes *smiles*.

What are you drinking? Right now?
Huh? Yeah...uh never mind that. *smiles*

Really? *smiles* Ok then, well will you be continuing to put out charity goods Imai-san?
Yeah. I want to.

You got some questions about the illustration you did for the hand towels regarding the different colors right?
Different colors? Oh, you mean like who is who in the colors? Ah well I hadn't thought about it you know. But I did get a lot of questions about it. Well, I guess red would be Sakurai-san.... Oh! And the Yellow Power Ranger would be *smiles* Hide!

*smiles* And...why is that?
Because he told me he can't eat spicy curry.

Ok having said that could you roughly say who's who for the other colors?
*laughs* No! I just did five colors because we're five members! When I first tried to do it...that's what came out. The shapes of the (Power Rangers') helmet visors.

I looked it up on my computer. To get the details right *smiles*. I just drew them in the order I saw them.

So it wasn't on purpose?
Not really..... Do you really care about who is who?

I was a little curious.... But you just drew that because you felt like it.

At the meeting about DIQ, it was decided you would do one in Zepp Sendai but what are your thoughts about performing in Sendai after the earthquake?
Well, I hope it will hearten the people there, even if just a little bit.

Finally would you say a word for all those awaiting the postponed shows and the DIQ lives.
Umm..... Please, really look forward to it. It's gonna be cool.