Fish Tank 61
Interview with Yagami Toll
Translation: Lola

First off, please tell us what you've been up to recently.
Recently I went back home to the countryside *smiles*. But it was a pretty subdued visit, there was a festival though.

So you went to the festival?
Yeah. But I was completely subdued, the whole mood was one of self-control.

Did you time your return home with the festival?
Yes, yes, I did. And after that, I met up with my classmates from elementary and middle I always do when I go back.

I thought you also went to Himuro-san's concert with Yuuta-san?
Yeah, I did. It's been a long time since we've met up. Something like ten years or so.

How was the live?
Absolutely exciting.

Other than returning to your hometown, what have you done this summer?
I was a guest performer for an AUTO-MOD live. Morioka-chan (formerly of Soft Ballet) and ASAKI-chan (from AGE of PUNK) were session artists for that live too.

As for the current situation, I know that Buck-Tick is in song and lyric writing mode but what about you...?
I've been drumming of course, I've been playing in various stores *smiles*.

Huh? What do you mean?
Like even yesterday I went to a store that had a drum set and played on it *smiles*. I even played in a shop in Gunma *smiles*.

So you've been trying out various drums....
Yes, I've been living the busy life of a karaoke drummer *smiles*. There are some really weird customers who take advantage of the drums in store so I figured, hey if they can why can't I? *smiles*

But once you played they realized what a graceful drummer you are.
I think they thought that since I'm a professional drummer I could play anything you know. That's why the life of a karaoke drummer is so busy you see *smiles*.

What about personal rehearsals?
I've been rehearsing little by little.

Because the tour was interrupted, you're picking up in the fall and then you'll be getting into recording again too in between....
Which is unusual for us right.

So what do you think about it?
Well, it's been like that in the past before. Like when we recorded [TABOO] in London. We recorded it then went straight back to Japan to do the [SEVENTH HEAVEN] tour.

But you've never really recorded at the same time as doing lives right. Well it seems both Yuuta-san and Hide-san have some ideas about that.
I wonder how it'll turn out you know? I guess they told you about the thing about choosing songs from every album? From our whole career up till now that's.... I guess it's good isn't it.

Then there's also the songs requested by the fans.
*looks at the results thus far* 'HEARTS' huh, I used a double bass drum for that you know. That's why we've never played it live *laughs*.

Well you know, if you start rehearsing starting now.... And since you're still going to the gym, I'm sure it'll be fine.
But we've never played 'HEARTS' live before. I mean it's been almost twenty years and we haven't played it right? Wasn't it on our mini album?

It's on [ROMANESQUE] yes.
I don't even think we played it back then. Maybe only in 88 or 89. But that's a long time to pass, twenty years without playing something isn't it?

That's why I'm looking forward to being able to hear it.
Hahahaha!! I don't know about that.

So from now on you'll be preparing for the lives?
Yes, we'll have some meetings about them.

Recently you've worked with Tanaka-san, formerly from Victor, so will you again now?

Seems like you've had a number of meetings about recording so I guess there's been a lot of ideas from that as well?
I have no idea since we don't actually have any songs yet but, with Tanaka-san's's like, he'll come up with ideas like how about for this song, we add the drums at the very end. I mean it's different for me because I have to grasp all the nuances of the song when I drum.

Certainly. Usually you always do your drum parts first and then afterwards everyone bases their parts on yours.......

So up till now, being the last one isn't something you've really done right?
Not with Buck-Tick. But I did do things that way when I was doing my solo album [Yagami Toll and the Blue Sky]. I recorded the drums at the end for that. You know, more than twenty years ago, that's what PONTA-san did. Our studio at Victor was next to his back then and he told me to come see him so, then when I did I asked him what he was doing to which he said, "Hm? Recording the drums." I was just like, huh? What does he mean by that? And he just explained that, "Once everything else is good. I record the drums at the end." And I said, "At the end?". That's when he told me, "This way I can fully grasp everything in the song and I think it makes me able to play better."

Finally, would you please give a message to all those awaiting the upcoming lives?
I'll be doing my best for the lives so please, you must come.