Fish Tank 61
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

What's your current situation like Yuuta-san?
Right well...I'm not doing anything. Been passing the time slowly, playing bass and things. But you know, it's hot *smiles*.

Are you the kind of person who is ok in the heat?
No I'm terrible in it *smiles*.

You've had some time since the tour got postponed so, did you go see any shows? I went to see Himuro-san.

How was Himuro-san's charity live?
As I thought it would be, mm. I got to hang out with my Gunma Sempai too, it's been awhile. I think it was good you know, to do that kind of live. It's certainly all the more reason to do it.

Now, lyric and song writing has begun...but as for you Yuuta-san, are you rehearsing?
Mm...I have a little already.... I mean it's practical since my practice is...playing bass. It's still basic though since the plan is still in the works. So I guess there'll be more to do later.

You've also been recording at the same time as performing.... And in regards to the DIQ, I've been told that you have many ideas for the show Yuuta-san.
It's not just about the content, I mean of course it is in part year is our 25th anniversary so there's that to consider as well...I guess you could say I approached it as ok, from the end of the year begins our 25th anniversary so that's the direction we're going in! I felt it was good to go from there. I thought of a bunch of things that would steadily point the way to our 25th year and be exciting, like I wanted it to kind of be a start, a lead into our 25th anniversary.

Since when have you had this in mind?
Since about July I guess?

Sakurai-san told me that when it comes to the DIQ, I should ask you and Hide-san about it.
Of course...we talked about that...the whole thing about leading the way into our 25 years. And as you can There were a lot of ideas so it really felt like the start of something and that's what I wanted to do, to show. And for my part I felt that was a good thing to convey to everyone.

You mean your various plans for your 25th anniversary.
Yes. You know, we've got a lot of things in store so you have to look forward to it!!

By the way, we've received the requests from the fans...what do you think of them?
*while looking at the Best 10 results* Let me look at them *smiles*. Mm, they're good aren't they. Surprisingly they're not so different from what I had planned.

Oh, really?
I think the hard part will be getting it all to flow. Nothing has been completely decided yet except that amidst the requests we'll only do the singles. I think it'll be interesting you know, to focus on the singles like that. Really though, I wish I could do all the songs requested for the fans but...that's close to impossible.

When you think about it, it would be difficult to fit all the requested songs into one live. You'll be doing a DIQ in Sendai as well though.
We asked if there was a possibility of us doing a DIQ in Sendai because if we could, then we would. We didn't know if we'd be able to though since it didn't fare very well after the Tohoku earthquake. And once we said we'd do it if we could, the event organizer adjusted the scheduling for us...and so yes, we'll be doing it. I think we all want to do a live there before the year is out.

To cheer them up.

Buck-Tick has released a variety of charity goods but, don't you plan on releasing anything Yuuta-san?
I thought of various things with everyone, about what we should do. Like if we're going to put stuff out then...I think it'd be best if we continued to. Even if it's not really mine but Buck-Tick's. It should continue. That's what think.

You've been continuing your blog with the keitai site and you've added more about your daily life right? Like some time ago you've been posting pictures as well.
Well previously when it came to my life, I was touring so I would try to post things that pertained to concerts...but having it as a Buck-Tick tour blog became a little difficult at times. But I discussed it with our manager and, since I had free time I thought it'd be fun to write a little bit about personal things too. So that's what I've been doing. That's why I changed the title too right. Well, I guess it might take a little getting used to?

You've received lots of mail about it.
And when I get questions and stuff I can update with my answers *smiles*. So I'm looking forward to your thoughts and questions!

And finally, would you please say a word to all those awaiting Buck-Tick's upcoming activities.
You've all had to wait for far too long. I think we all want to have good lives of course...and I think we will be able to. I really hope we can bring excitement to the lives that everyone has been waiting for.