Fortune -The Divination Palace-
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Vol.3 Hoshino Hidehiko

Welcome to the Divination Palace. This corner will feature the members having their fortunes read one by one by a professional fortune teller. Mister Hoshino Hidehiko joins us for the third instalment.
And what did his reading reveal? See for yourself!

Tarot Fortune Teller

Mister Hoshino had his overall 2012 fortune read.

If there are things you would like to make a success, then your challenge for the year 2012 is to plan things out carefully and make steady progress. Perhaps things haven't started to take shape in your mind yet, but I think that now ideas will gradually start coming to you. And the moment you write them down they will start to grow in clarity. I believe you are the type of person who will do more than think about something; rather, you're the type who, once their plan has somehow taken shape, will make rapid progress. So maybe I can suggest that if you're struck with an idea, no matter how small, write it down right away and put all of the elements back into a whole together later. I think if you proceed this way this year will see you much closer to your goals. Going by the card pictures, I feel you will successfully get through this busy time.

Hoshino: Going by the pictures? *smiles*

Once again, your challenges for the coming year are not letting anxieties or obstacles stop you, focusing on the things you want and have to do, and following your plans steadily and systematically. But I do get the impression that by doing so you may achieve a great sense of satisfaction. However, you absolutely cannot allow yourself any negative thoughts. Because even the plans that are coming together and which you had put great effort into will fall apart if you believe that something will not work out. I wonder if it wouldn't be better if you focused on the reasons you have to do things rather than on reasons not to do them. I am certain that with a positive attitude, you will see new possibilities that you have not seen before.

I don't feel that your work relationships will change. But when it comes to the people close to you, you may be able to make new acquaintances or friends. It's possible that your number of friends will increase. It looks like you will be able to make completely new acquaintances or personal connections. And it is possible that you will gain new inspiration from those people.

When it comes to moving and such, it all looks good. Perhaps this is a good time to change your place of residence. Perhaps you'll settle down, I wonder? Next, don't be afraid of your own thoughts. Because in the end even if you overplan, even if you try to attain perfection from the very start, in the end what will happen will happen. Your health will be pretty good so you should be OK. As for work, it'll come together bit by bit. You may be forced to make a conscious effort to communicate with others. Start with the general...or rather, try to start with a face to face conversation and from there pass on to bigger things. That may work better. You will see, following this advice will give rise to something new.

Hoshino: The 25th anniversary of our debut is next year.

You will be incredibly busy. At least it looks that way to me....

Hoshino: Looks that way? *laughs*

And after your 25th anniversary ends, something new will begin. That seems to be the tendency.

Hoshino: Is that a good tendency then?

Yes, I believe so. But for the sake of future projects you should not leave any loose ends unfinished in 2012. Because I do believe that new things are already on their way. I feel like you are at a crossroads of your past and your future. So before you turn in a completely new direction, tie up all of your loose ends. Though I do wonder whether instead I shouldn't call them a compilation of everything you've done until now. That is...I think if you do things this way you will be able to make a clean switch.

At the end of the fortune reading, Mister Hoshino....
Hmm. Well some parts are reassuring, aren't they? Since I'm told what to do. And the flow seems positive as well so, I think I'll do my best *smiles*.

Well then, who should have their fortune read next time?
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