Fish Tank 62
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Today I'm conducting the interview in the recording studio, thank you for having me. Well then, on the site especially designed for Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary, the start of your new original label was announced but what was the impetus for starting it?
I'm not too sure how it would be best to explain....

Did it have something to do with your 25th anniversary?
It just happened that way. Since we were talking about our contract with the previous record company...we were discussing what to do next, where to sign on and the idea came up to start our own, where we could do things at our pace, to be in an environment where we can do the things we want. Well, I feel like it just happened to coincide with our 25th anniversary.

So you're saying an original label is something that's been on everyone's mind for a while?
...well...I'm not sure about that.... Well, it is something that would come up in conversation now and then but, this is the first time we've actually sat down to discuss it properly. At least that I'm aware of, this is the first time we've made the effort to see it through in earnest, to consciously create the environment we want.

How did you come to a decision about the name of the label?
Imai-san came up with it.

Currently you're in the midst of recording songs that will be released under the new label but how's that going?
Well today we recorded the vocals for the third song. We've been doing one song at a time. We did Imai-san's previously and today we did the vocals for my song so that's why I came into the recording studio. This year will end with four songs recorded. Now we have the postponed lives afterwards and the Day in Question we'll do that and see each other again next year.

So once you take a break from recording you'll be in live mode but will you begin recording again in the new year?

Since you'll release a single from these four songs, what sort of feeling do you think it will have?
Well, I really don't know yet. Because it'll be out in spring. So I can't say anything about it yet.

So I won't squeeze it out of you, which song you'll be using?

What feeling do you think the next work will appear to have then?
Hmm...conceptual maybe? Since as of now it's not really definitive yet, I guess it feels relatively vague.

To you, will the image be live oriented...or would you say the image is album oriented?
Both. Because it's better if both are good.

Did your impression of the demo change once Sakurai-san's vocals were put in...?
I guess so? Hmm.... It's the kind of voice he has rather, comparatively speaking...since I am aware where the vocals will be when I'm doing a song. But having the poetry put in the song changes it completely.

With the change in labels, are there differences in the recording environment itself?
Work itself hasn't changed so.... For me, there's nothing particularly inconvenient about it. Especially since our recording staff hasn't changed either you know. But there are many new people who joined our staff with this label.

Were there any particular incidents during recording?
It went very smoothly.... We did some experimental things but that's something we'll have to talk about later.

How did the experimental part go?
I think we all felt it gave things a fresh feeling. It's kind of a spoiler if I say more though. So I think it's best if I don't say anymore about it just yet. *smiles*

I've been wondering...what do you think the countdown on the special site is about?
I'm guessing it has something to do with next year? I can honestly say *smiles* I don't know what it's about either.

A lot of things are going on behind the scenes for your 25th anniversary aren't they?
Seems like there are various things going on, yes. Like fan club only lives and a DVD and commemorative goods being released. It feels like things are going slowly but with purpose for next year.

You also had a photo shoot the other day.
Mmhm, yup.

Was it in a studio or on location?
It was kind of like a studio. But it was actually in a Western style house.

How are you preparing in regards to the postponed lives and the Day in Question?
Pretty much in the same way for the postponed lives.

And for The Day in Question?
The songs have mostly been decided as well. Since there's such a short time period between the postponed lives and the DIQ, I'll do my best but...I won't have time to do that much.

It's been a long time since you've done a live and you'll be starting with the one in Okinawa.
I wonder how warm it'll be? Maybe I can go swimming?

If you have the time would you like to go swimming? *smiles*
Well, there probably won't be time though *smiles*.

Finally, tell us about your resolution for 2012.
We'll be doing a lot what with it being the year of our 25th anniversary so both for us and for all the fans...I hope it can be memorable year so please look forward to it.