Fish Tank 62
Interview with Imai Hisashi
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Please tell me about the current situation.
We've fnished recording four songs but recording is paused now because next we'll be doing rehearsals for the lives. But for now I guess step one is done.

So that's it for recording for this year...?
Yeah I think so.

What sort of feeling do these completed songs have?
Umm, well. Two are Hide's and two are mine. And well, they're new. How do they feel? Um I think you better ask Yoko-chan that *smiles*.

Did you write lyrics for them?
Lyrics? Oh, me? No, not yet.

Did you think of them as songs for a single or for an album?
Not really. I mean I don't think I wrote them specifically with them being a single or anything in mind. Well, I think about the songs but not like that. I think I can actually write better songs if I don't over think it too much in that way.

Other than recording your two songs Imai-san, you've made a demo right?
I have, yes.

And you've done some experimental things during recording....
Oh, you mean how we recorded?

But you can't really tell me anything concrete about it yet.... But you've practiced doing things this way right?
Yes, right. We recorded both of my songs that way.

And how did it go? Did it feel fresh to you?
Because some people were a little apprehensive about it at first even I wondered how it'd turn out but, I think in some twisted way it ended up better than I thought. Though at first I had even wondered if I maybe it'd have been better if I hadn't done things that way at all. But then you know, it was so spot on, it turned out so much better than I could have even imagined.

So you might adopt that method again from now on?
I feel like I want to do all our songs that way.

It wasn't hard for you Imai-san?
It wasn't hard at all. I think it makes sense in a lot of ways doesn't it. I mean when it comes down to it, you can do anything on a computer.

Um, what are you talking about? *smiles* Now, the other day the site that was made specially for your 25th anniversary opened, did you happen to peek at it?
Yeah. I looked at it.

The start of the new label was announced on the same day as your birthday so have you been affected by the change of record companies ...?
When we changed labels, I thought we'd be able to do interesting things with our new label that we started.

Is there any difference between your past label and having your own?
I thought it was something that would only happen in the distant future. I think it's a lot easier to understand what we're doing now, which is good.

I was told that you are the one who gave the name to the new label Imai-san, so how did you come up with the name?
Well, I thought of a few things.

How many names did you have as possibilities?
Well it had to be name with a word or two that were good together and that would be a hit with everyone. So anyway I looked up some stuff on Google and this was just the first name I came up with.

So you're the one who came up with 'Lingua Sounda'?
Well. I played around with the words.

Is your motivation different since being with the new label?
My motivation isn't any different. But I do think we'll make good music.

Next year is your 25th anniversary but, can you say anything about that right now?
Is there? That I can say now? [CATALOGUE] has already been announced right...?

You had a photo shoot the other day for some new photos so did anything happen during the shoot?
It had been a long time so I think it felt fresh and fun.

Is there anything you want to change around for the postponed lives Imai-san?
Maybe, depends on the songs I guess. I might alter things on the fly.

It's been awhile since you've had a live in Okinawa.
Yeah. Uh? When's that again?

On the 13th.
That's soon isn't it. Really soon.

It is, a few days from now *smiles*. This issues comes out a little before the Budoukan show so, is there anything planned for the Day in Question?
A few things.

Next year, 2012, is the year of your 25th anniversary so what kind of year do you think it will be?
It's our 25th anniversary and I'm looking forward to a wonderful year....

Finally, please tell us your resolution for the coming year.
One way or another there's going to be a ton of stuff to enjoy so please look forward to it.