Fish Tank 62
Interview with Sakurai Atsushi
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Please tell me about the current situation.
First of all, we will have four candidates for potential release as our first single next year with the new label and so far we've done the main vocals for them but we will still have some chorus left until we're completely done. Then at last they'll be done after that last step.

Speaking of having them put on the new label, [Lingua Sounda] has been announced as your original label now but how did the discussion arise to make your own label?
Because it was time for Buck-Tick to sign a new contract we figured, if we're going to start a new contract then we'd actually like to make our own label and the record company people were extremely obliging for us and really thoughtful about the kind of environment we wanted. I mean we were spoiled by their kindness to us, just in letting us start our own label, we practically grew up with the label in a sense at least that's how it feels, having them let us do this now.

Since being in your own label, have you been aware of any differences?
To put it best, there's a sense of responsibility. We brought it up a few times because of everything that happened in such a short time, the unprecedented earthquake in March followed by the great tsunami and the nuclear accident. It really makes you think in a lot of ways. And we wondered, what could we do with our music? In some cases people were left penniless. That was just when we were bringing up the idea again with the record company. When we thought about it all, I think we were convinced once again and felt like ok, let's do it from scratch! Then there's also the fact that next year is a turning point for us, and we felt let's try to do whatever we can in any way we can and steadily this came to be what we wanted to do.

I heard you used some experimental methods during recording but when it came to you Sakurai-san, how did you feel about it?
Hmm.... It's a little difficult to put into words but, it had an amazing feel, not to say that things were bad before though. It felt as though it absorbed some of the freshness of the atmosphere and part of that was also my power......*smiles*. I'm glad we consciously decided to say let's change!

Since the label was made after the earthquake, how do you think that will be reflected in your work and lyrics?
Already I'm wondering...what should I sing about? I imagine everyone who creates, who writes for a living wonders the same thing though. What I thought at first is that well, I can only do what I can so I'll focus on that. Meaning I won't hesitate to do what I like. And I think it's better if I worry about how the listeners will feel about it only afterwards.

Afterwards, the lives will restart, but what about the content for the postponed shows from March....?
We'll do what we can but personally I want to keep things as they were.......

It's been a long time since you've done lives, so how was the atmosphere during rehearsals?
Seems my body remembers what do to.......relatively speaking (even though it's been about 8 months).

After those shows, you'll go on to do the DIQ so has the set list and all that already been decided?
I said this before but this time, you're better off to ask Hoshino and Higuchi about it *smiles*.

Still sticking to that huh *smiles*.

The special anniversary site announced the beginning of the new label but did you also happen to take a peek at the results of the votes from all the fans?
Mm. But it seems to me like the results are still changing.

Next year is a turning point what with it being the 25th anniversary of your debut so is there anything you can tell us now...about what you guys have planned?
The only thing I can say with certainty right now is that I'll be older *smiles*.

I knew you were going to say that *smiles*.
As you know we'll be doing our recording in 2012 and in order not to waver in that, we will make an album that we are all satisfied with, that we like from beginning to end. Then we'll do something great and festive for our 25th anniversary that will get everyone to be excited...and then, Anii will be turning the big Five O *smiles*.

That's right *smiles*.
There should be a big event for that!

What are your resolutions for next year Sakurai-san?
Well...It's as though I'll be starting from scratch. I think I should start enjoying my life and in order to do that, personally I need to do new things.

The cherry blossoms print stationary you made for charity sold out right away, we had to issue additional printings.
Yes, that makes me really happy.

Will you be painting anything new?
Well right now...I'm a little worn out after those four songs but of course it is something I think about and I do wonder what I should do next. When I go on tour again, I'm sure various things will inspire me to paint so I look forward to being able to submit whatever I can!

Finally, would you say a word for everyone awaiting your 25th anniversary and all those awaiting the lives at the end of this year.
At last, after many months I will take again to the stage. Naturally I'm really looking forward to it. So please I want everyone to really enjoy the concerts too. And as for the coming year, I hope it turns out to be a really wonderful year for everyone.