Fish Tank 62
Interview with Yagami Toll
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Please tell us about the current situation.
By the end of the year we'll have finished recording four songs, and by now we've also finished our rehearsals for the tour, before we head off to Okinawa.

The tour continuation will start but how did the rehearsals go?
We were recording at the same time but, I feel like the recording went completely without any problems. I listened to the recording and I thought it sounded absolutely incredible. I thought, wow, we're really skilled. We could sell this as is~ *smiles*. I wish you could have heard it *smiles*.

Has the content of the live changed?
No, it hasn't really changed in essence. Because the tour will still be the first time for the places we'll be going to from now on.

When you first heard the demo for the four songs you recorded, what was your impression of them/
Imai's had this great rockabilly feel to them which made me think it was like 'Gunmabilly' *smiles*. While Hide's sounded like surfer music.

Did anything different happen during recording?
Different? Well for Hide's we were in the usual studio but when we recorded Imai's songs we were in the new one for the first time. It was quite nice.

It's not a typical studio then?
It felt quite strange. Because the mixing room is on the second floor and the recording studio is on the first floor. So it's different because of the floors.

I see.... It seems you did some experimental things but how did you find that Yagami-san?
It was good. I thought the ensemble was interesting when we did it for Imai's two songs. It was good because each part stands out. And it was good that we had our director Tanaka-san and Hiruma-san the engineer working for us too. Making the drumming sound was comfortable too. Because usually I have to think about which sound to omit and which to keep to be in tune with the sound of the guitar. However, I found doing things this new way easy to catch on to. I think we've really discovered a great way of doing things *smiles*. It was so smooth you know. And it was fast, we did two songs in one day. Hiruma-san was fast too. We've been doing this for 25 years so by keeping things fresh it makes it interesting. I think there's still a lot more we can do.

Has anything changed that you're aware of, with this work that will be released from the original label Lingua Sounda?
At first I wondered if things would really work well with the record company people.... But they are some really nice good humoured people. I was surprised so I asked, are you really younger than me? *smiles*.

You changed labels but has anything changed when it comes to the recording itself?
Our way of recording changed. But our staff is the same. When they asked us why we didn't want to change our staff as well, we said it's because we want reliability and quality and people we don't know aren't suddenly capable of doing what we want. I mean Hiruma-san's been with us for about twenty years. And Tanaka-san has known us since our debut. They can see the possibilities for Buck-Tick as a band. Tanaka-san has a sixth sense for understanding how to put Buck-Tick's sound together while also getting the nuances of each member.

You've had the pleasure of working with Tanaka-san from the days of your debut until now.
Yeah. He has guided us well.

Now with recording for this year complete, you'll be entering live mode right?
Yeah. Once we've completed the lives in November and December safe and sound, we will get back into recording next year.

A special site was set up to receive votes from fans for the best of CD. Did you look at how the songs were ranked?
I gave it a peek, yeah. It's interesting isn't it. To have the fans vote like that.

The other day, you had a photo shoot....
It went smoothly....

Were you ok with meeting so early in the morning?
Well I went without really getting any sleep.

So the day before the shoot, did you refrain from drinking or anything like that in preparation?
Yeah. I didn't really drink. Because otherwise I'd become swollen.

Is there anything planned for The Day in Question?
Looking at what's planned for Budoukan... I think it'll be quite interesting in a lot of ways.

As for next year Yagami-san, what is your resolution for 2012?
For all of us to be in good health so we can get through the year.

Please give a message to all those looking forward to your activities next year.
Next year is our 25th anniversary. I was 25 at the time of our debut so I'll be turning 50....... Although I know it's impossible, I want to do my best to stay young.