Part of what makes Yagami Toll!!
Translation: Lola

Sex Pistols
-[Never Mind The Bollocks] 1977.
-[Filthy Lucre Live] 1996.
-[SPUNK] 2006.
-[Never Mind the Bollocks] recording documentary DVD, 2002.

How did you start listening to them?
I think I heard them on the radio. And then I saw one of their promotion videos on that old TV show [Ginza NOW!]. So after seeing that I pre-ordered this record. I think I was in my 3rd year of junior high. I thought it was incredible you know. It was the first time I thought a band was that amazing since The Beatles. They really are the last band with that style of rock. And in my mind, there's been no band since then with that kind of original rock and that's incredible.

What kind of band are they?
They only made one record you know. It was their first and their last. They only put out one original album. I think they were only active for about two years was it?! After they put out this album they did an American tour and then that was it.
After that they were forced to put out a best of album and a live album. Their group reformed around the time of the live album. Their bassist Sid Vicious died you know. But before him they had another bassist, Glen Matlock. So when they reformed, it was with the original members. It's written here that they got back together after 19 years *smiles*.They came to Japan during their reformation. But I didn't get to go see them.
They were a punk band. And during the time of their reformation the vocalist even said something frankly like, "I'm just doing this because I want money". That's the punk rock spirit. They're explosive power is amazing. Like they came out hungry you know. The other side of it is about social class, because all of the members came from the working class. The vocalist Johnny Rotten's songs were like rap, almost like Buddhist prayer in cadence and I find his style of singing incredible. He also made a band called PIL (Public Image Ltd). It had the same feel too. He's just that talented.