Fish Tank 62
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Translation: Lola

Please tell me a little about the current situation.
For now we've finished the first stage of recording, so now we're rehearsing for the lives that were postponed.

The new original label [Lingua Sounda] has been officially announced so how do you feel differently about this new label?
Hmm. Well. I guess it kinda feels like... it's an environment in which we can create what we want, what we like. It's not that our previous label was bad, I'm not sure how to put it but (with the new label) members can do various things and get quite into when it comes to our individual presentation and way of doing things.

What's different than before?
Hmm. I guess I'd say that the decision about which direction to take things came surprisingly easy for us didn't it.

You had meetings about it?
Yup. We did. About which direction to go in, for the songs too but also, about what way we should present the direction we're going in with them....

You've already recorded four songs. How do they feel do you?
Cool. We were able to do it with a good feeling from the very start. So I feel like from now on, we'll be able to put out more variety of songs in this way. For sure. I feel like from the start, we've got a good balance of different songs now.

How did the recording go?
I think it went surprisingly smoothly. Yeah.

You've been doing some experimental things during the recording this what about that?
Hmm. I think it's better if I don't say anything about it yet *smiles*. But it felt interesting to me as we did it.

So did it feel fresh?
Yeah. I think that's why it was interesting.

On top of all that, a site was set up especially with a countdown so what about that?
You know I was thinking about that too *smiles*.

You've been doing recording as well continuing with lives, and at the same time Buck-Tick is plunging into its 25th anniversary....
Right. I think we're telling everyone in a really exciting way about all the things we want to do. I'd say we want to try to go straight through the year while knowing what we're aiming at for our 25th anniversary. I'd say we all feel like we want to try to push forward and do it ah...without it being doing something out of habit. Like, maybe this way we can do something truly incredible.

You had a photo shoot the other day. If anything happened during the photo shoot could you perhaps share the story?
Hmmm. The place was really nice. It had this country feeling...really warm and comfortable. We told the designer Akita-san that we would like the photos to have the same sort of atmosphere as the ones he designed for us for [Juusankai ha Gekkou] because those were so amazing. They were beautiful photos too.

There were outdoor photos as well as indoor ones that looked like they were studio shots.
It seems that the building we were brought to for the indoor shots was a consulate that was relocated.

And you did all those photos in one day right?
Yup. But we went there early in the morning.

Was it really ok, meeting with everyone that early?
Yeah. I guess's been a long while since we've done that.

So everyone was punctual that morning.
Yeah but when we told the staff about it at first they were all excited to go do it but then when it actually came to being there so early they were pretty grumpy about it *smiles*. And they were like, "We're sorry for saying this but it's too early!!" *smiles*. But that's because we were on location this time right.

Location shoots are difficult because they can be greatly influenced by the weather as well.
Right. The photos will appear in this issue right?

They will. And now after recording and the photo shoot, it's time to look towards the lives.
Yeah. That's right. When it comes to the Day in Question, I'm hoping it'll come off as a compilation live. I mean we've combined old songs with newer songs during lives before but never quite like this until now so, it should be interesting. But you know I've wanted to do this sort of thing for quite some time now. I thought perhaps that way, both the people who came to see us in the past as well as the newer fans would be able to enjoy it. So you absolutely gotta see it! *smiles*

How did the postponed shows go?
Mm. Well of course the set list was similar to before. We just tried to have it tie in with the Day in Question a little more. It feels like we're showing everyone two different kinds of lives in a short period of time.

Next year is the 25th anniversary since Buck-Tick's debut so what sort of year do you think it will be?
Right. Well I think we're all wanting to face it head on and we all really want to look forward to it and enjoy it you know and that's why it'd be great to share in the celebration with everyone. It'd be exciting.

You want to have fun with everyone too right Yuuta-san?
Yeah. I want to have fun!

Finally, what are your aspirations for the coming year?
It'll be the 25th anniversary of our debut. We'll be putting out a new album with that in mind too, and I really feel like, I want it to be a great year full of lots of things that we want to do so, I'm looking forward to it and hoping for the best!!