Fish Tank 63
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Please tell me what's going on right now.
We've resumed recording after a little break.

Ok, let's go back a bit to the lives you did, last year, due to the major earthquake, the tour was postponed but how did you find the postponed shows?
The postponed shows were basically the same as the ones we did before for the 'Utakata no RAZZLE DAZZLE' tour so the feeling behind that didn't really change too much...and I had wondered if it'd be the same given the free time we had in between.

We heard a lot from fans saying how long they'd been waiting for those shows to finally happen, did you feel that anticipation during the live?
That feeling of great anticipation...yeah I had it too, I mean I wanted to do the lives and I think because really, we all felt that way that you could really feel it during the live and it made for a great show.

When checking photos the other day, you were looking at the group shot of the FC only live weren't you? There were other shots in there as well, like off shots of you guys during rehearsals.
Ah yes, those *smiles*. The ones when I was sitting right? Even the camera man was there to check the lighting. So it was a rehearsal for him as well to see which lighting was best.

Right after the postponed lives, the Day in Questions shows started.

You and Yuuta-san had the idea for the DIQ this time but how was it for you personally, seeing your plan in action?
I was happy that everyone seemed happy with it. Granted because it's been 25 years, we knew we should do something, so we discussed it while drinking and I presented the idea that I'd had for awhile of hey, wouldn't it be interesting if we played a song from each album in chronological order? Then, next thing I know I'm deciding the song order with Yuuta *smiles*.

Before you actually performed the set list, were there any difficulties with the choice of songs?
I think we all thought 18 songs might be a bit much. Usually our set list is only about 15 songs right? But we figured we'd try it out during rehearsals and it turned out that afterwards, we were all saying how it wasn't long at all...we were able to do it.

And how did you find the journey down memory lane?
We had those embarrassing video clips playing too *smiles*. Well, I think if everyone was able to enjoy it then it's all good.

As well as the live, there was the release of [CATALOGUE] in March and a corresponding special program featuring a lot of old clips as well, which I'm guessing you were ok with.
Ah, I don't really care. But as for it being embarrassing, yes, of course it is *smiles*. But you know, even if I had said no way, they'd end up showing those clips anyway. So yeah, it's all good.

When you were watching those old clips, was there anything that you saw that you weren't embarrassed about?
*smiles* Um hair I guess. There was such a huge difference between when I had it up and when it was down. Once it was down it pretty much looked the way it does now *smiles*.

After the earthquake, it had been decided that the first DIQ would be in Sendai, but how did you find the performance there?
I thought it was incredibly powerful. Of course we always know that DIQ will happen, but this time, when we found out we could do it Sendai, we knew we absolutely had to do it there. Whether it was in a hall or a live house, we didn't care. I think we were just glad to be able to go.

It was also the first time you had a DIQ in Hiroshima and Fukuoka.
Right. And with Kobe it was four DIQs. We had a lot of people telling us how happy they were that we were going to be in Hiroshima and Kyushu for the first time too and that really made me glad we were able to go.

And then the final DIQ was in Budoukan and this time, the show was live streamed so were you thinking about that during your performance?
Not especially, no. I think I was able to perform as I usually do. But when I saw all the fan mail afterwards from lots of fans saying how happy they were to watch the live since they couldn't actually go to it, I was really happy we had decided to live stream it.

The flames were very high during the show *smiles*.
Seemed pretty hot for the audience too *smiles*.

Was it ok for you Hide-san?
Well, I was extremely hot *smiles*. But I acted cool *smiles*. Huh, I think I just saw something on the set list just now. See it starts with [HURRY UP MODE] and then there's 'Sakura' from [Kurutta Taiyou] but someone wrote that 'Jupiter' is also from [Kurutta Taiyou] but actually the version we selected with the Gregorian chant is from [Koroshi no Shirabe]. So there really is only one song played per album.

I see. You're right.
Hm, this is just a little side note but...I didn't really say much in interviews in those days but actually that chant we used is a translated bit of the actual lyrics from 'Jupiter' that I asked them to sing with a certain melody when I gave them the demo.

Oh! Really? Why haven't you ever said anything about it before?
Well...I guess...I didn't think to say it then because I wasn't thinking about it but now it came to me so I said it *smiles*.

Finally, with the Budoukan show came the announcement of your schedule for 2012 but before all that, were you able to have a peaceful New Year?
A little.

In order to release [CATALOGUE] in March, fans voted on the top 30 songs for the compilation album but what did you think of the results?
But it kinda feels like a trick though because the singles were omitted you know *smiles*.

I'd like you to talk about the current recording situation if you would as well, I've already heard several new songs on the demo but so far they've all been Imai-san's songs you plan on adding your songs afterwards Hide-san?
Uhhh well, as of now, no *smiles*.

Have you not written anything?

But...usually you do part of the songs for the album so, how will you distribute the songs this time then? Like did you tell Imai-san, "I'm not writing anymore!"?
I didn't really say anything *smiles*.

Well in that case, aren't you worried there might not be enough songs on the album or something?
Nah, it'll be ok, we have been doing this for 25 years after all *smiles*.

Beginning with the outdoor live in Hibiya in June, you've got a ton of concerts but it's been awhile since you've had one outdoors.
Yeah but it left an amazing impression. The last one we did. I'm looking forward to another outdoor concert.

Finally would you please say a word to all the fans who will be joining you in the celebration of your 25 years together.
Though it's been 25 years that we've been doing this, I truly and honestly feel as though we've still got a lot left to do! And I'm glad for it! So, since we still have more to do, we'll still have lots of fun together!