Fish Tank 63
Interview with Yagami Toll
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

Let's start with what's going on right now.
Right now I've been rehearsing for recording. Until a few minutes ago actually *smiles*.

Previously you had lives.... How did you find beginning the postponed shows with Okinawa?
Even though the shows had been postponed, it didn't feel out of place at all to be performing songs from the tour. Like I don't think it felt weird at all.

And then you went on to have an amazing set list for the Day in Question.
Yeah but you know, because there was a song from every album and we have 18, there were 18 songs on the set list when usually we only do like 14 or 15.

How was that, for you?
It wasn't our traditional set up so it was fairly exhausting for me physically but emotionally it was great.

Was there something in particular that gave you a hard time?
My drumming has changed so, and I told Yuuta this too but if I didn't play roughly, my body wouldn't move at all for the old songs.

So you played roughly?
Yes. Because it felt like my body wouldn't move unless I played carelessly like that and if I played sharply I worried I'd lose the beat. But because I played roughly like that, it ended up feeling like the old days. And when I did it that way, my body got into it. I think I said this in the last issue too but, I'm a genius *smiles*.

It was also the first time you had a DIQ in Fukuoka and Hiroshima.
We thought it'd be good to go places we hadn't been before. We went everywhere we could.

Did any place leave a particular impression on you?
Hiroshima I guess. Because of what happened after the show. Hiroshima was the last place we were at so, afterwards, even Acchan sang karaoke at the bar *smiles*.

He can't do that usually right? Because he has to conserve his voice. But since we had quite some free time before the show in Budoukan, we all got to have fun in Hiroshima.

You closed things with the live streamed Budoukan show and received lots of comments from each area you performed in.
Yeah I had friends calling from back home right away asking if I was ok with the show being live streamed.

Did knowing it was being live streamed affect you?
No, not at all *smiles*. I mean, we film DIQ each year right so it felt pretty much the same.

It was the last live of 2011.
After the stream of DIQ shows, it really felt like the final work day at the end of the year so after the last song, it was like woo! Finally done! *smiles*

And just when you thought it was all over, the schedule for all the upcoming events and releases were displayed on the screen....
That was interesting wasn't it.

First there's the [CATALOGUE] release with the special limited edition old footage. So how was it for you, seeing yourself from 25 years ago?
I thought, wow I'm so young~ *smiles*. I mean I was only 25 or 26 right? But it's ok, I'm not longing for those days or anything *smiles*.

Did anything stand out for you from the special compilation footage?
What surprised me the most was the Youth Centre clip when I saw it, of 'SEXUAL XXXXX', the "Five o'clock SAT Magazine" one. I had almost completely forgotten about it. I thought maybe I hadn't seen it before.

So in a sense, it was new for you?
Yeah. I think it was. Acchan's moves were amazing, he has guts *smiles*.

All the old DIQs were released in a compilation from Ariola as well and since they've never been sold before, it makes them even more special.
Oh right. That'll be some enjoyable stuff for the Buck-Tick fanatics!

And votes from the fans decided which songs were on [CATALOGUE].
'Shippu no Blade runner' came in number one right? That was surprising.

Any songs leave an impression?
Well, we made PVs for all of [Aku no Hana] right. So for "Kiss Me Good-bye" we were all sitting in the dark and I had to have my hands on my knees and my eyes closed for the scene but I was actually completely asleep *smiles*. My acting was super natural *smiles*.

Yeah, a little too natural *smiles*.
When we were eating afterwards, I said how great it was to be allowed to sleep during the filming. But then I was like, oh crap! *smiles* Because it turns out they actually kept the scene where I'm sleeping in the finished PV *smiles*. So yeah, I'm really sleeping there *smiles*.

That's a good story *smiles*. And right now you're in the middle of recording rehearsals.

Lives start from June with the outdoor concert. But it's the second time you've done an outdoor concert in June, the last time being in 2003.
Was that in June too? I hope it doesn't rain....

Now with recording imminent, things are very busy and then you'll have a flood of lives from June onward.
That's just part of being a professional *smiles*.

You'll also be celebrating your birthday at the same time.
My 50th. I was 25 at our debut so obviously, for our 25th anniversary, I'm turning 50 *smiles*.

Buck-Tick's been around for a quarter of a century.
I can't believe it's been 25 years since Yuuta brought me into Buck-Tick *smiles*.

How do you feel about that? Looking back now. Having been brought into it by your younger brother.
I do think it might have been a case of pure luck. That and our band actually has real talent. I'd say yeah, it's luck and talent isn't it? And I mean we've been doing this with the same members since our Indies days, so about 27 years and that's unusual for a band. We never broke up even once.

It's true. And now there are many bands having come backs.
I've often said this in interviews but, to be straight up, there was a time in my late twenties when I wanted to quit. To be clear it was because I felt I couldn't keep up and I mean it's human right but now, when I think of all we can do in this wonderful atmosphere and with our wonderful staff, it's like we're being guided onward you know. And I mean because of that I feel like my understanding of people has grown...and at the time of our debut I never imagined I'd still be drumming at fifty. And to think, my favourite band Carol only lasted two and half years.

You guys really hadn't been together that long either back then.
Yeah. Only four or five years right? And now it's been like four or five times longer than that, which is really incredible.

Now that you've reached your 25th anniversary, would you please say a word for all the fans?
Thank you, for all your support all these years, for a quarter of a century. I promise to keep doing my best.

From now, really your 25th anniversary will start.
Each day I'm happy to have more to do. Acchan said it best at Budoukan didn't he? That we'll go any distance. And where that ends, no one knows.