Fortune -The Divination Palace-
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Vol.5 Imai Hisashi

Welcome to the Divination Palace. This corner will feature the members having their fortunes read one by one by a professional fortune teller. Mister Imai Hisashi joins us for the fifth instalment.
And what did his reading reveal? See for yourself!

Tarot Fortune Teller

FT: What shall we ask about?
Imai: Does Buck-Tick really need Yoko-chan? *laughs* I'm kidding, just kidding a bit.

First, a reading based on an analysis of the horoscope...

When working with others, getting together with people who have that which you do not will provide the best balance, the stars are arranged favourably for the Buck-Tick members to find good balance and avoid being swamped. Imai-san is the one among them with the ability to bring into shape things which he had been thinking about from the very start, he is responsible and perseverant when it comes to his work. Assuming Imai-san is indeed the one who built the foundations of Buck-Tick-san's music, the other member's stars are obscuring that fact completely. According to Imai-san's fortune, those things which he has been steadfastly working on since last year all the way up until now will take on their final shape and be recognized as a success, he will find luck. Now is a time when his undertakings will go well.

A reading concerning the work Imai-san will be involved in this year...

It looks like as of now the established flow will change a little. You are probably wondering whether it is a good thing, but it is vital that you always create a solid base, even if you are working on something new. The things Imai-san wants to do and plans on doing are far from easy and perhaps it is that his goals are set high, but while completing them to perfection is something that will in all probability take a lot of time, it is not impossible to accomplish and he will achieve his goals if he communicates with the people around him. This way, he might be able to not only obtain results, but also a sense of psychological satisfaction. I truly feel that Imai-san is at a turning point in his work. Therefore, it might become necessary for him to take on a new stance of working hand in hand with other people instead of on his own.

Imai: Is that for everything I'll be concerned with, this year?

Indeed. I think that what is being asked of you is difficult and you are facing high hurdles in the things you want to do, and so that is why this seems like a time for you to come up with strategies, time to think how you want to do those things. Or perhaps I should say, it seems like it is time for you to change.
There are two things that you want and are thinking of doing?

Imai: Yeah. There's more than one.

It looks like you'll be able to find the right balance doing a few different things at once. You should not encounter any problems.

A reading concerning Imai-san's general fortune for the latter half of this year...

Of course, you have more than one challenge facing you today, there are several things currently taking form. That is why I sense this isn't just about your 25th anniversary. Perhaps this might be a good time to take on as much as you can. However, you might find yourself extremely busy with work. But there is a chance coming your way at work. It looks like you will manage your health well, it will not be compromised. However, since you will be busy, keep an eye on your schedule and rest when needed. You must make some time to rest your mind, even if it is only a for moment. If you do not, your body will succumb to exhaustion so please be careful in this particular case. Also, you need to enjoy yourself. In all probability it will be the things you enjoy that will produce the best results.

FT: How do you like the results?
Imai: I'm in the middle of a bunch of things already so no rest for me, I think *laughs*. But...I'll push on!!!


Mister Imai got to see another reading!!!
About Mister Yokoyama who has been sitting in on the fortune telling.

Yokoyama: I'm super nervous now.
Imai: Now it won't come out! Because I'm here watching! *laughs*

Do we, Buck-Tick, need Yokoyama Kazutoshi...

I feel as though Yokoyama-san is someone who is able to create things which correspond perfectly to Imai-san's desires. There are very few other people who are able to accurately make Imai-san's wishes into reality, isn't that so?

Imai: Absolutely. I think if we're working together, it's because I'm able to tell him various things abstractly, and in detail.

I wonder therefore if it would not be better if you communicated the images you have in mind right away.

Imai: I do sometimes wonder why does it have to take so long.

But it will inevitably take time if it is a question of something which is not part of Yokoyama-san's outlook on the world.

Imai: And sometimes he'll pretend that he gets it all, from the very get go.
Yokoyama: Imai-san's getting angry with me *laughs*.

I do sense there is conflict there in your mutual exchange, but I feel like that will only elevate Buck-Tick's outlook on the world. Therefore, you must try to communicate as much as possible. You have an amazing compatibility as work partners, and it is precisely that conflict of yours that will result in the creation of wonderful things.

Imai: I think from now on during recording I should communicate more clearly, instead of using vague words and the same type of vocabulary I've used until now.
Yokoyama: That would be more helpful *laughs*.

The talk expanded from the fortunetelling results, and their chat went on for hours....

We have now completed a reading for each of the 5 members. We thank you, kiwa-sensei!!! We hope you will read our fortunes again and are looking forward to that time!!!