Fish Tank 64
Interview with Hoshino Hidehiko
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

First off, I'd like to hear about the current situation.
We filmed the promotion video...and there's been...a lot of photo shoots.

At the time of the last issue, the single hadn't yet been decided so how was it decided finally?
With 'Elise no tame ni', we knew we wanted something that really showcased Buck-Tick from all the songs we had to choose from, something up tempo since it would be the first release with our label.

What kind of song is the second single, 'MISS TAKE ~ Boku ha Miss Take~'?
I'd say it's a little medium tempo...and...we chose it because of it's contrasting quality with 'Elise no tame ni'.

Paired with 'MISS TAKE~' is a self cover, 'My baby Japanese -type II-' which is one of your songs but whose choice was it to do it, of all the many songs?
Mine *smiles*.

You have so many songs Hide-san...what was your reason for choosing this one?
To put it's because the original version was never played live because of its initial programming.

Ah~ of course.
I didn't really see a problem with the programming of it when I first did it. But then when I thought about it afterwards, I realized it's not something we could replicate live so when the talk of remaking songs came up, I said I'd like to redo this one.

What was it like, taking apart and reassembling your song?
At first I thought...there would be parts I could keep but then afterwards I felt it would be best if I changed it all...yeah, so that's what I did.

And so from now on you can play it during lives....
Yeah. I guess we will. I mean if we didn't after this....*smiles*

How do you approach self-covers in order to make them completely different in atmosphere, to be like new songs?
Hmm. Well it was my first time but I found it really fun surprisingly...before I did it, I thought it was going to be such a pain because it was my first time actually taking apart a song and putting it back together.... But once I was working on it, it all came together fairly easily and I'm really glad...I mean it felt great when it was done *smiles*.

As for filming PVs, you filmed the PV for 'Elise no tame ni' just the other day. Was the entire PV shot indoors?
Yes it was all shot indoors and it was the director's idea to film us in a bunch of different positions...he wanted to shoot the five of us equally so...there were about 30 takes....

That's a lot of takes.
It is, yes. There was a crazy amount because...of all the different positions we were in and I felt like wow, it's been a long time since I've played that much for a shoot *smiles*.

Was the director being fair? Or did you find he was hard on you guys?
Well, I'm thinking he probably had his vision about what he wanted to do the end, he knew we were all getting tired so...he was very apologetic *smiles*.

*smiles* Did it take the whole day?
The entire day. Felt like it went on forever.

How do you find the completed PV?
It's straight forward and it felt incredible to complete.

You got a lot of people to participate in the tribute album this time as well but have you already listened to their covers?
I've been able to listen to about half.

What was it like, having other people perform your songs?
I think their individuality comes out in the songs. And with that...some songs end up sounding similar to ours and others end up being completely different.

And along with the tribute album, the participating artists will perform with you for the [Tour Parade 2012] and the [Buck-Tick Fest 2012 on Parade]. Will it be your first time meeting some of the artists?
This time around, there's quite a lot of them whom I will be meeting for the first time.

Being as this will be your 2nd fest, will you be using the last one as an example for what to do this time?
Well that's why we're doing it over two days this time. Unlike last time, we thought it'd be better if each artist got to take more time on stage.... That's why it'll take two days, so that everyone can have their proper time.

After that, there's a lot of lives and events scheduled. does look like a lot doesn't it *smiles*. But you know the fans are preparing themselves for it too and so there's this feeling of...just wanting to live up to both of our expectations for this long, long tour you know. I keeping thinking that yes, I will do my best.

Finally, would you say a word for all your waiting fans.
With this year being our 25th anniversary, we've come up with a lot of stuff to do so I'd like you all to look forward to the fun events and the album tour we have planned.