Fish Tank 64
Interview with Yagami Toll
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

So what's going on right now?
We're in the filming and photography phase right now. You know we filmed the's the promotion period for us.

You also had your costume fitting just a little while ago today.
Yeah, yeah. I was fitted for the jacket I'll be using for our next single, "MISS TAKE ~ Boku ha miss take~".

How did you feel about the song choice for the previously released single, "Elise no tame ni".
I thought it would be good if it was paired with "Yumemiru Uchuu". That way, there's one of Acchan's songs on it too you know. And well...because the tune is super energetic, ultimately this one goes the best I think.

How did you find the filming of the "Elise no tame ni" PV?'s done. But it took like 20 or 30 takes *smiles*. Imai was getting cranky. He said, "How many times we gotta do this...I mean what is this? "Aku no Hana" all over again?" *smiles*. Because we did lot of takes for "Aku no Hana" too, I think it might have taken more than 30 takes. And since we were all in every was the exact same procedure as for "Aku no Hana". But c'mon it was 20 years ago.... Give the man a break already *smiles*.

When it comes to recording, your part is always last night?
Right. At the very end.

So you're saying it's after...the bass has been recorded and the sound of the two guitars has been put in, and the vocals have been added?
Well the standard would usually have Acchan last so there's temporary vocals first with Imai's voice for Imai's songs, and if it's one of Hide's songs, then it's Hide doing the temporary vocals.

I see. But you're the last of the musical instrument parts to be put in. And then the very final touch is Sakurai-san's vocals.
Yes. Oh but, there was also a time when his actual vocals were put in when I was doing my part for the latter half as well.

And that hasn't happened until now has it?
Nope, nope, nope. First time. But it really made tuning the sound of the drums easy. Because usually I'm just working from the finished guitar and bass parts. So up till now I'd have to guess you know. After guessing what will work, like what kind of sound I should put in that won't drown out everything else, I put that in and...really, that's the most important thing, that it doesn't bury the other sounds. But you know that's not something I can just guess at randomly right? But once the guitar and bass parts are in, I can tune my drums to go with that and knowing the key lets the best fit for sound come to me and that's what I use. So that has made the time I spend on tuning and trying to decide on the sound much shorter than usual.

Are you then likely to do things this way from now on?
Well, it was done this way because we discovered it worked. As for the next time though, it might be ok to repeat the usual way I do it but I do think it's good when the drums are recorded last too. I think it's good, having more variations possible for recording. That way, we can figure out which way would be best depending on the song. When you do things precisely, with everything added on to the drums, it certainly comes out nice and sharp. But with the way we did things this time, the subtlety of each individual's style comes through and I find that fantastic. I mean I was able to really hear Yuuta in a way I never had before. And of course usually I'm in Yuuta's group for recording so it's really easy for me to gel with his style right. But up till now, he kinda seemed to be in my shadow. This time though, it really feels like Yuuta is asserting himself too...I mean I've even said this before in other magazines but, up till now you could really tell that we were siblings whereas now, our individuality is showing *smiles*. A rhythm unit of two unique people *smiles*.

With your part recorded Yagami-san, the final form is close to becoming perfectly clear isn't it?
Yeah. They're all quite good songs aren't they.

And after have lives......
I know *smiles*. It's gonna get super crazy starting in June. I haven't played so much drums in a long time...but I was able to do it *smiles*. Because while I might not have been playing drums, I have been going to the gym to build my strength *smiles*.

There's also a tribute album coming out this year but have you listened to the songs?
I got the song POLYSICS did recently and listened to it. The kid who plays the drums, this guy Yano, he sent me the cutest e-mail saying, "Since we've decided to participate in the tribute album, I would like to play the drums using the same drum stick model as you Yagami-san." So I told him I would expressly make sure to give him a set *smiles*.

He must have been very happy. So what do you think then of POLYSICS version of a Buck-Tick song?
It was incredible. Like with the fast tempo and all that *smiles*.

So what do you think of being able to have another fest again after five years?
I'm just really happy that everyone is willing to get together to do it for us *smiles*.

Finally, would you please say a word to everyone awaiting the lives and the new album?
You know, it being our 25th anniversary I really want to do my best and give it all I got. Well not to say that I usually don't give my all of course *smiles*. But this really is a milestone year for us you know so, I'd like to have things go smartly. I absolutely want you to come see us so, please do, I'm looking forward to it.