Fish Tank 64
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Reporter: Ikeda Rumi
Translation: Lola

So anything going on right now?
As of now, yes. We filmed a PV, some members are busy doing promotion for 'Elise no tame ni' and we've been having meetings regarding all the various things coming up.

It seems there was quite a number of takes during the filming of the PV for 'Elise no tame ni'?
It was so exhausting you know. As you might expect. For some shots, the camera was filming from far away so I had to perform large otherwise I wouldn't stand out. If I had played as usual I wouldn't have....

They asked you to overact it.
Yes, exactly. So that's why I'm even more exhausted, it was twice as tiring.

After 'Elise no tame ni', 'MISS TAKE - boku ha miss-take-' was released but, would you say it they were decided upon smoothly when it came to the balancing the singles?
I'd say so, yeah. This time, the second song on both singles doesn't really feel like a B-side you know. We wondered which we should use for a single. Then it was just like, ok we have four candidates so, lets put this one with this one and that one with that one.

Both songs on each single feel like A-sides, it's true.
I know, right. That's exactly how they feel, image-wise.

Is there one in particular that gave you a strong impression?
I was really rooting for 'Yumemiru Uchuu' to be a single. It's just so Buck-Tick you know.

It seems that both Imai-san and Sakurai-san felt the same and that's why it was part of the single.
I think we all really wanted something that represented us you know and so that's how we approached it. No matter which song it was gonna be, it had to do that. I think that's how we chose, by picking the songs that made us feel that way. So for instance, because 'Elise no tame ni' was first, the next song had to showcase a different point of view that still felt like us, so we said ok, let's try to put a song that seems more serene.

Both singles have self covers on them but, what was your impression of the cover songs when you listened to them?
There's a definite awareness of what they'll be like live you know, well Imai-kun said he breathed new life into the songs, that it felt like the new 'SANE' was born from the old 'SANE'. And I thought, ah~ yeah I totally get it now. It's not that we want to do a song that feels different, it's just that 'SANE' is reborn.

Because it is only due to the existence of the old 'SANE' that the new one can be born.
Right, exactly. That's it.

The cover song that was recorded for 'MISS TAKE~' was one of Hide's songs though, and was a song that had yet to be performed live.
Yeah. At the time when we first recorded it, we had wanted to do something super cool right so that's why it came out like that. I think back then we really wanted to try to do some songs that really were far from the typical band sound and that was a first for us. So because it's such a complete opposite from what we typically do, we figured it'd be good to do it again.

Do you have any feeling regarding the album as a whole?
Yeah, I do. It's certainly fully loaded with a variety of songs. And well, of course I think that because of the melody of the songs you can tell they're Buck-Tick's. You know I think we really wanted to do a variety of things that we all like. Though it wasn't something we really decided on.

The tribute album is coming out too, have you listened to it?
I have!

How did you find it?
It made me so happy! Having all those different artists, well I know we had a lot of artists last time too but, having them all be so keen on doing it for us made me happy you know. I mean, I think that sort of thing is just really wonderful. I can feel how earnestly devoted they are.

After this you have a lot of lives to look forward to but how are preparations going for them?
I'll be thinking about it more and more from now on!

A meeting was held regarding the [BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE] and it was decided that it would last two days...?
That's right. Because last time, our staff put so much great effort into for everyone and all the artists who went out of their way to be involved only got to play a few songs and it really ended up feeling like too little to us so we thought, wouldn't it be better to do it over two days this time? Because everyone's putting so much effort into it for us.

Once the tribute album and the fest was decided upon, did you get into contact with any of the contributing artists?
I did, to offer them my thanks.

By the time this issue comes out, the crazy tide of lives will have started. Please offer a message to all those awaiting the lives.
Right. Well I'm looking forward to them too you know. I always do but, of course I'm wondering how good it will be and I'm thinking about how everything will flow. One thing I am sure of though, is that it will be fun! So, please! No matter what! You have to come!!

Once the interview was over, Mr. Yuuta was very eager to discuss the lives planned for the year ahead.