Fish Tank 69
Interview with Higuchi Yutaka
Reported by Kaneko Mayumi and Oguma Hisako
Translation by Lola

So what have you been up to recently?
Recently......I've been going to see a ridiculous amount of baseball games*smiles*. It's great, for a year I've been able to go watch games and claim it's for work *laughs*.

In an interview in the previous issue of 'Ongaku to Hito', you mentioned meeting Hiyama of the Hanshin Tigers.
Hiyama's been a player since way back. Now he's already quite the veteran but his career really flourished in the 90s and because of that, you know I could relate to him as it was the same for me and that's why he was my favorite. So then when I said so, the editor-in-chief of the magazine tells me, "You know, I think you might be able to meet him." And I thought, oh my god, no way! And just sort of gaped because my dream would come true. But because it was right before the game, we didn't get to talk too much.

But how was it to actually meet him?
He was just as amazing as I thought he'd be......afterwards, when an article appeared about it in the sports section of the paper, I was so surprised and then to make me spazz even more, when I wrote to him about it, I got a call from him almost right away.

You got a call from Hiyama himself?
Yeah. Not an e-mail, an actual phone call. And I just thought wow, this guy is so incredibly sincere.

Even in the Kansai area's Daily Sports section, the Sankei Sports, there was a headline of, "BUCK-TICK's Higuchi and his dream interview".
I always look at the sports pages in the paper and I've seen BUCK-TICK news printed in the entertainment section but, this time I was mentioned in the baseball section so, *laughs* I was completely surprised.

You had played baseball as well when you were a kid, right Yuuta-san?
Right, until junior high.

Which position did you play?
I was made a second baseman on the basis that I'm short *laughs*.

Ha ha ha! And how have you been handling the intense heat that came without warning?
It is really hot, yeah. But I feel like I should get some sun on my face these days. I figure maybe I can get a little tanned *smiles*.

Now let's talk about your film, have you seen "BUCK-TICK The movie ~ The Buck-Tick Phenomenon"?
I have. It was interesting. But it just keeps showing me taking photos with my phone *laughs*.

Ha ha ha ha. But Yuuta-san, I found you stood out even in scenes with the five of you. Like in the first part where you borrowed something from Imai-san, and the scene where you're listening intently.
That was because I needed to check something so, Imai-san lent me his iPod. I had access to a PC but I wanted to listen to something so that's why I needed an iPod and it happened that I didn't have mine on me.

Manager: That's because on occasion you end up leaving it in the studio *laughs*.
Quiet you! *laughs* That time I had happened to leave it at home so I figured I'd have someone lend theirs to me.

During the scene where you were recording "Kinjirareta Asobi -ADULT CHILDREN-", Imai-san was ordering you to, "Do it with feeling" and it seems some fan club members were concerned with how he was talking to you.
That's just always how Imai-kun is though *laughs*. Him telling me to do something "with feeling" is fine. But when he tells me, "You do get what I'm saying right?", that's the hardest on me *laughs*. There's just no right way to answer.

I guess you've tried?
Well, the thing is Imai-kun does leave our parts up to us to a degree so, you feel like ok, I gotta be amazing.

There was also that scene with someone getting a massage......that was you, right?
I think so, yeah.

Do you feel more relaxed after?
No, I don't. I think it's because I'm ticklish so the whole time it's like, "That tickles! Oh my god that tickles!" *laughs*.

Ha ha ha ha. Then on June 1st in Gunma's Mikabomirai hall was the premier screening of your movie and you happened to make a surprise appearance but how did that come about?
It had been decided suddenly. So I mean, it really was a surprise that way. And you know, if just doing that could make people happy then, I'm glad I went.

It being your first time making that kind of appearance at a screening, how did you find it?
I had been thinking about what I should say. And I was thinking about the mayor being there too. And then the rumor started going around that we'd all be there *smiles*.

All the club members were saying, "Yuuta-san was wailing for some reason".
Wailing? *laughs*

And they said, "My one complaint about the members' position is that with the way they were lined up, with Yuuta-san in the center, it made their lineup look dented. Then it was explained to them that like that, they formed a double V sign" *smiles*.
Right, that's why we reformed the line. But sadly that's just how things are in our band, they use me like that (as a unit of measure), you know one Yuunit but c'mon I'm not that short! *laughs*

Ha ha ha. Oh, which reminds me but actually it has nothing to do with the movie. A lot of people wrote in to say they thought your doodles that you did in the previous issue were very cute. Some even said, "I just wish they'd all have goods with animals". "Acchan's would be a cat doodle, Imai-san's a bunny, a dog or a gorilla for......".
A gorilla for Hide.

"A bear for Yuuta-san and a peacock for Anii".
Guess I'll have to start studying gorillas, won't I? *laughs*

Well, yes *laughs*. Moving on though, it was decided that you would perform in the "Kishidan Expo 2013" on September 14th. So how did that come about?
Because last year they worked on the tribute album for us and even performed live for us. So I hope we can get to return the favor by spicing things up for them at their event.

Also, regarding the end of the year lives, I know it's likely things still aren't really settled but, are there any songs you have already decided upon that you'd like to hear, Yuuta-san?
I haven't come to any decisions yet but aren't we doing lives in the Tohoku region this time around? I'm really happy we get to do shows there again because I remember back around the time of our debut, we used to play in the area about three times a year. I want to do songs that will make the people there happy.

Finally, would you please say a word to all the fan club members?
Even though we were able to go to Sendai during our tour, I'm so incredibly happy to be able to do "The Day in Question" in Koriyama, and Iwate. I think we all want to bring some cheer to the people of the Tohoku region so hopefully the locals will attend the shows. Because the thing is, the painful memories of that earthquake have not faded and there are still many who are suffering and that's not something we should ever forget. That's why we're doing it so, I hope we'll have your support.