Imai's Diary, 'Hisashi-ki'
August 18, 2013
Translated by w_b

When I ordered katsu-curry from the catering at our studio a long time ago, the meat was pork.

I mean, it was a pork cutlet on pork curry.

I can't tell you just how unsatisfactory that curry rice was.

This one day, I was all out of it but I still ordered takeout.

I was out of it because I was preoccupied with something.

I do remember that the delivery guy had impeccably polite manners (aside from being kind of tense).

'I guess this restaurant puts great care into its employee training and all, and the employees actually practice what they preach.'

'He's behaving admirably, even though no one's looking at him. Oh wait, I'm looking at him, aren't I.'

Meanwhile, even with those thoughts going 'round in my head, I was still spaced out and worried about something completely different.

I finished paying. (Still all spaced out.)

And the delivery guy starts chatting at me.

"You're Imai-san from Buck-Tick?"

"I've always been a huge fan!"

And because I'm spaced out, all I reply with are blank grunts.

"...oh... OK..."

The delivery guy might've talked about other things too.

But all I could do was space out, since my head was taken over by something else.

That was some unparallelled inattentiveness on my part, I think.

I finished eating. (Goes without saying that I was spaced out.)

I had taken a break from that thing I was preoccupied with and that was making me space out in order to eat, so I went back to working on it.

It's a song arrangement.

I'd been working on rearranging a song we hadn't done at recent lives when I got stuck, my head was spinning, and I was already all out of it by the time I'd noticed.

'Man, what? I've been plucking away absently all this time.'

'Still, I am kind of hungry...'

And so, takeout.

And then, my rearrangement impasse came to a successful resolution so my spaciness faded away.

Once it did, I started thinking...

...come to think of it, he did just say that he was a fan....

Is that why there'd been tension in the air?

...should I eat at that place again?

Next time, I won't space out. (Maybe.)

(Please look forward to the song I'm rearranging. It's pretty good.)

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