December 30, 2013: A Request to Everyone

The following is translated from Fish Tank 70.

A Request to Everyone

We must insist that you please discontinue the resale of concert tickets at online auctions. Reselling tickets for more than their list price is regarded as a dishonest practice no matter the underlying motivation. Should it come to light that you have been reselling tickets, your fan club membership will be withdrawn, while the holder of a ticket bought at auction might find themselves refused entrance to the concert venue. We ask for your understanding in advance. We cannot take responsibility for any problems that might arise from resale tickets. We kindly ask for your understanding and your cooperation.

We regretfully have to inform you that in order to prevent accidents, we will not be delivering any gifts or letters to the band members while they are on tour. Please also understand that we will refuse delivery of your gifts or letters to the accompanying managers and staff members. We kindly ask for your cooperation in helping the band members travel speedily and safely. Additionally, we ask that you be considerate toward other concert goers as well.

Following the band members around during their tour travels as well as to their hotel not only violates their privacy, but it is also dangerous and you can get in trouble. We therefore must ask that you please desist.

Fish Tank 70, page 61
Translated by w_b