Lyrics by hide
Translated by w_b

With off season blooms (1)
One season flows endlessly into the next
The joke plays out again
Just like it did on that day

When ivy leaves, unnoticed
Spread their roots
The scene greeting me
Slipped away without a sound

I aim for the distance beyond
And kick old memories away
Not because they're sad
But they aren't happy either

To gain wisdom
A fleeting moment is never enough
It was but an instant of clarity
That flashed by me yesterday

Just like on a Merry-go-round
I forget my pains and continue around
Unable to find my destination
Still I go on

Supposing a ripe fruit
Were to wither and fall unseen
Its sweetly intoxicating fragrance
Would still have adorned one season

Ivy will spread, I will perish away
And a fragment of memory will return to the ground
Perhaps to become a flower again
Like a merry-go-round & round
Let's meet in the spring again

It spins and spins
And even the tears and the rain
Twinkling from fragments of distant memories
Will be swallowed into the sands (2)

Hurry, go round even though you may shatter
Because it's a fleeting instant before you fall
Without waiting for the right moment
Spin, Hurry merry-go-round
Even if life pulls you under
Let's meet in the spring again
Let's meet in the spring
Let's meet in the spring

1. For the verb 狂い咲く (kuruizaku) used in the first line, I'll refer you to Lola's notes on Buck-Tick's Miu.
2. This stanza has only three lines in Japanese but I split it into four due to its length.
This song was translated on October 7, 2012