We've been asked several times about having our work reposted or re-translated into other languages. Here is our policy concerning the work on the site.

* Song lyrics, interview excerpts, and information may be reposted as long as you provide translator credit and a link.

* If you use our lyric translations to sub a video, please credit the translator and link to the site. We try to rework lyrics regularly so make sure the version you're using is up to date. Our list of recently revised songs is HERE.

* Please don't repost full interviews, period. They're on the site for a reason.

* Please don't repost image translations from the Fish Tank section.

* If you translate our work into another language, credit the original translator and link to the original translation.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us at w_b@nopperabou.net.

Thank you!

Lola and w_b